5 Surprise Mini Brands from ZURU

5 Surprise Mini Brands are kind of craze today. My kids are loving it a lot and I am sure your kids are also going to like it.

What Are 5 Surprise Mini Brands?

The 5 surprise Mini brands are one of the 5 surprise range of collectible toys. Each box in this range of toys contain five different themed miniature toys. So in box you will find 5 capsules. Depending upon the theme of the box each capsule will have a miniature toy which will be a replica of one of the leading brands or a super hero. So it can be a great present, a birth day gift for your little one. The recommended age for this toy is 4+ years.

Who makes these 5 Surprise Mini Brands toys

These mini brand toys are made by a company called as “ZURU”

“ZURU is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative toys and consumer products. Inspired by kids and imaginative play, ZURU is one of the fastest growing toy companies in the world and is known for their agility, creativity and new-age manufacturing techniques. The company started in New Zealand and is now headquartered in Hong Kong ” source – Zuru.com

Zuru minibrand series 1 , 2,3,4,5….

Zuru has launched this minibrand series from 1 to 5. 5 Surprise Mini Brands toys are latest in this series.

What you get in 5 Surprise Mini Brands Capsule

“Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands are realistic miniatures of the world’s most iconic and loved shopping brands. The reusable capsules contain an assortment of mini brands like Dove, Skippy, Airheads, Breyers and more, as well as mini surprise shopping accessories like a shopping trolley, shelves, and shopping basket. ” Source – Zuru.com

The surprise is when kids start opening the capsule as no one knows what is going to be inside, it build the excitement. This is wonderful and what I have seen is that kids from 4 years age to 10 years all like it. I like them too..

Do kids like it?

My kids do like it. It all depends upon their interest as well. If your child has been having interest in miniature toys like dinosaur toys or super hero toys, He/she is definitely going to love it.

Apart from this brand being very innovative and the quality of product is good, this toy is quite affordable as well.

The excitement it builds up in kids is also quite impressive.

The box is packed in very an innovative manner and the kids have fun peeling each segment to get the surprises out.

These are called as “Blind Boxes” and no matter what, these blind boxes are always appealing to kids of any age. I hope you agree.

What other toys ZURU has?

They have many which are available online and in stores.

They have brands such as Bunch O Balloons™, X-Shot™, Rainbocorns™, Robo Alive™, Smashers™, 5 Surprise™, Pets Alive™ and Metal Machines™.

They have partnerships with entertainment properties, including Nickelodeon, Disney, Universal Studios and DreamWorks.

Other Zuru Toys

Are these a good buy?

Yes they are. My kids like a lot. They have a surprise element. Each unwrapping is a nice excitement to see in kids. They love it. Also each toy has a 5 set of miniature toys which can keep kids engaged specially during travel, Yea if you are planning for a long drive, get one for your child. Let him/her unbox it in the car. And see the excitement.

The only problem with these toys are that being small in size, they tend to get lost . Also being small not suited for kids below 4 years of age. Nevertheless the quality material and shinning colors make them quite attractive for the kids. And they are affordable too..

So what we feel is that you should get one. Your kids are definitely going to love it.

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Do you have one , we would love to hear your feedback on these toys!

Have a nice day!


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