Best toys for toddlers – toys under Rs 500

Are you looking to gift toys during this festive season? Below is the our bucket list of toys, under Rs 500, for toddlers. Friends welcome to our post Best toys for toddlers – toys under Rs 500

Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are fast learners. We need toys which help them learn more and learn faster. Toys which improve their sensory capabilities. Toys which help them develop their hand – eye coordination. It helps develop their motor skills.

Best Toys under Rs 500 for gifting / return gifts

So friends, below are you bucket list of 5 toys which are under Rs 500 and can form best gift during this festive season.

1) Mini Basket Ball Game

This is a small toy which can also be a good travel toy for your child. It consists for a small enclosed basket and a ball which can be pumped up using a lever. Once the child gets hang of it, becomes a real fun for them to play with it.

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This keeps the child engaged for quite some time and help them with their concentration and hand and eye coordination. Most important thing to keep in mind is the quality of plastic and make sure that the toy is of bright colors which attracts the child.

2) Magnetic ball drop game

This is another good toy for your 2 to 3 year old. A good toy for hand eye coordination and a good exercise toy. It also helps kids to understand that there is a concept called as magnetic field. Atleast they feel it.

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And these toys are not very costly and can be a perfect birthday return gift. Recommended for age group 3 to 6 years this toy can keep your child engrossed for many hours.

3) Toys Pop Up & Strike Baseball Set

Wow! this can be a great outdoor fun toy. One of the best games in world today which tests your hand and eye coordination and hence it can be a best toy for your little one to train for hand and eye coordination movement. This kind of toy is suitable for kids 3 years and above.

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Generally the kit includes a launcher, a couple of balls and a baseball bat. It is perfectly safe for kids and does not require any batteries to operate upon.

4) Kids Bowling Set 10 Pins & 2 Balls

Another cool toy which helps kids improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It also helps in improving their observation and logical thinking ability. Bowling has been a fun activity for everyone, what if there is a toy set which helps our little ones enjoy and improve!

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All the bowling sets consist for bright color bowling pins and balls. You have to make sure that the grooves on the balls are made in such a way that it easily fits the fingers of the child. There are many brands of this toy available in market with many of them have the ball as smooth regular ball, which doesn’t really help!

It is a multi player game and hence can be played in team along with family or group of kids and hence it also helps in improving social and interaction skills.

5. Play block junior train set

Another good gifting toy under Rs 500 which helps in developing motor skills, social skills and cognitive skills. The toy should consist for big size, interlocking blocks which helps the child create a toy train with his/her imagination.

The toy helps in developing thinking ability of child . It can be a very good toy for group play as well improving the social skills of the child.

Hope you will like above recommendations which can be a perfect gift or return gift.

Have a nice time!

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