Cinderella story – bed time story for your little angel

Cinderella story chapter 1

Long time ago, a beautiful girl named Cinderella lived in a country. Cinderella was not only beautiful but also very understanding and kind with every one .

Her stepmother and sister did not like her at all and They were jealous of Cinderella’s beauty and intelligence. They always looked for a chance to scold her.

Cinderella story chapter 2

One day Cinderella’s father had to go out of town for some work. It was necessary for him to go. He was aware of Cinderalla’s situation, but he had no choice.

After Cinderella’s father went, her stepmother and sisters started mistreating her.

They would ask her to make food and clean the house.

They also took away her room in which she lived and gave her a place to live in a store room in the house. Her days were tough, but she had no other choice.

Cinderella used to do housework throughout the day and went to sleep in the store room at night.

There lived some rats in the store room and there was a window in the store room with a tree outside. Some birds lived on the tree.

They all became friends with Cinderella and Cinderella used to talk to them.

Cinderella story chapter 3

One day the king announced that he wanted to organize a ceremony for the marriage of his son, the prince. This announcement was made to all the people of the country.

In this ceremony, he invited all the women who are eligible for marriage.

Cinderella’s sisters also came to know of the event. And they came running to their mother and told about this announcement.

Her mother decided to send both of them to the ceremony. Her mother said that she will prepare them both in such a way that both will look the most beautiful in the ceremony.

Cinderella also heard about the ceremony and had a desire to go to the ceremony too. But she could not ask her stepmother about it because she was scared to ask.

So they started preparing for the ball.

They got new clothes and also bought new shoes. Both of them used to practice everyday that when they would meet the prince, what and how would they talk.

Cinderella story chapter 4

Then came the day on which the ceremony was to be held. Both sisters were very excited to go to the ceremony.

Both of them started preparing for the ceremony from the morning . Cinderella continued to do all the household work and also helped her sisters.

Cinderella also wanted to go to the ball and hence she gathered some courage and asked her step mother about it.

Hearing this, her mother and sister started laughing. they said – the prince needs a wife for himself, not a maid.

All three of them got ready left for the ceremony.

This made Cinderella quite sad. she was crying. She was thinking something when a light appeared from far and an fairy came out of it.

The fairy saw Cinderella crying and asked her the reason.

After listening the story the fairy said – My dear Cinderella you do not need to be sad, you will be able to attend the ceremony. And she asked Cinderella to get her a pumpkin and 5 mouse.

Cinderella could not understand anything, but she did as the fairy asked her to do. She brought a big pumpkin from the kitchen and brought his 5 friend mice from the store room.

That fairy, with her magic wand, turned that pumpkin into a beautiful wagon and turned the mice into 5 horses.

Then, with her magic wand, she got Cinderella a very beautiful gown and decorated her like a very beautiful princess. Cinderella couldn’t believe her eyes. She really looked like a princess.

The fairy told Cinderella that she can go to the ceremony now but she will have to come back before 12 in the night because after 12 o’clock in the night the effect of her magic will be over.

Cinderella story chapter 5

Cinderella reached the palace in style, all eyes were on her.

Her stepmother and sisters were also present , but they could not recognize Cinderella.

After waiting for a while, the prince came down the hall. Everyone was looking at him.

Many people were present in the ceremony. But the prince came directly to Cinderella and requested her for a dance?

Cinderella shyly gave her hand in the prince’s hand and the two started dancing.

Cinderella and the prince kept dancing for a long time and they lost so much that they did not care about time.

Then Cinderella’s eye went to the clock on the wall.

It was 12 o’clock and Cinderella suddenly remembered what the fairy has said – that after 12 o’clock the effect of magic would be over. Cinderella panicked as she remembered this and ran from there.

The prince was surprised to see Cinderella suddenly go like this and followed her.

In a hurry Cinderella’s shoe ran out and was left there. But she quickly sat in her buggy and returned home.

When the prince came out looking for Cinderella, he found Cinderella’s shoe in the garden. Seeing this, the prince decided to find Cinderella .

Cinderella story chapter 6

The next day the prince called his soldiers and gave them the shoe and asked them to go to every house in the city and meet every girl who came to the ceremony. Ask her to wear the shoe and if it fits her, bring her to the palace.

The soldiers did as they were told. They went to every house in the city and met every girl who attended the ceremony and asked them to try the shoe.

After wandering the entire city, the soldiers arrive at Cinderella’s house.

When Cinderella saw the soldiers, she thought that they might have come there, searching for her. She ran towards the door of the house to meet them.

But her stepmother stopped her and locked her in the store room. Cinderella cried a lot.

When the soldiers came home with the shoe, they asked the two sisters to wear the shoe. But that shoe did not fit anyone.

On the other hand, Cinderella was frustrated, seeing her crying, her rat friends thought of doing something.

The rat came running down from under the door and secretly took out the key from the stepmother’s pocket and gave it to Cinderella.

Cinderella was very happy to get the key and unlocked the lock and ran downstairs.

The soldiers were returning to the palace when they heard the voice of Cinderella, “This shoe is mine.”

Hearing this, the stepmother and sisters started laughing, but still the soldiers requested Cinderella to try the shoe.

The shoe fit her perfectly.

The soldiers requested Cinderella to accompany them to the palace. Prince was very happy to see Cinderella.

The prince proposed to Cinderella and she happily accepted.

Thus the prince and Cinderella got married and they lived happily in the palace.

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