Do you have toys not in use? Donate and spread smile

We talked about renting toys in one of our previous posts. One of the main advantages of a toy library is that it makes quality toys affordable. But still there are many disadvantaged children who do not have access to quality toys!


We all as parents know that each toy has a life span as per the age group of the child. Not that the toys break, but they do not server the purpose once the child has crossed that age. A toy for a 2 year old will not serve any purpose for a kid of 4 yeas.

What happens then. These toys keep on getting accumulated in the toy bag, in almirah, under the bed etc. And one fine day we just throw them and send it to scrap and we don’t realized that we have just wasted an opportunity to bring smile on the face of a disadvantaged child!

The purpose of this post was to provoke this thought!

Where to donate

  • Look around your community. There may be people who will be in need to toys.
  • Check with CSR department of your office. They might be having tie up with NGO’s for this purpose.
  • Donate your unused toys to libraries around you.
  • Donate the toys to charities near by.

Also check with below guys. They might be able to suggest something!

  • The Toy Bank –
  • Share At Door Step –

If you are aware of any charity, school, NGO near to your location, please share the contact details. We are in process of preparing this list which will post latter.  This will help our other readers!

Let’s share and help those kids who cannot afford one, with a smile!

Good luck!


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