Tent house for kids – generally underrated but makes a great play toy for kids!

When we first bought the tent for our kids , they where around 5. They liked it a lot. But we did not see the excitement which we expected (initially). They started playing with it ( or rather in it) and slowly it became their every day play activity. So let us look at Tent house for kids or the Kids Tent

Tent house for kids – A real fun for kids

The interest it generated after some weeks was so  much that they were not willing to part with it. It was quite big (the one which we bought) and was eating up some space so after 18 months are so, we thought of packing it up and putting it back.  And then we realized how much it has become a part of their everyday activity. We unpacked it back and it was their play set for next 2 years at least.

Tent house for kids
A wonderful tent for your little angel

Now they are grown up and don’t play with it any more. We were cleaning our house when we saw it again and it got us thinking , what was special about the tent.  So started doing some research on this.

We would say, it is a very underrated play item.  It’s an excellent tool to engage kids in imaginative play.

Whether they are in there alone or with us parents or with their friends, all these helps in develop their emotional and social skills. A very good thing for emotional development.

Benefits of Tent house for kids – Kids Tent

What else, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Bring in their friends and together they can play board games inside the tent
  • Or may be you can assist them with sleeping. Get inside and tell them some stories
  • Or just take the tent outside  in the garden and plan some hide and seek
  • Or take in summer time, take it to terrace.. open the top mesh (if its there).. sit inside the tent and watch the night sky 🙂

Wow, so may things can be done with this wonderful piece of play. I guess we missed doing the last 2 points 🙁

Tent house for kids
Wow – Check out this cool Kids play tent

So, do check these out and get one if you have kids around 4 to 5 years of age.

There are many available in market today. Online on websites – Amazon and Flipkart, you can compare and buy.

Just make sure that ones you buy is of good material, preferably have some openings as windows on both side and if there is a mesh on top , much better. Check which one fits your requirement, but do get one for your little ones..

We are sure you and your kids are going to like it.

Have a good time!


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