Lots of fun with this Visual Hide and Seek game!

Looking for a a cool board game which you can play with your 6 year old. Check this nice game called as “Pictureka” !

Pictureka is a multiplayer board game and it’s fun to play this with kids..  So before we see how the game works let us first find out what is there in the pack!

  1. You will have 4 to 6 boards with multiple pictures on it.
  2. You will have pack of cards – 3 in nos – three different colors. So let say one pack is of red color, one is of blue and one is green
    • Each color has a different purpose
  3. You have a dice which have a different color on each of its side.
  4. You will have another dice which has numbers on it (same as ludo dice).
  5. You will have a timer.

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How it is played?

  • Each player throws the dice.
  • Based on what color comes on the dice, card is picked. So lets see what to do when each color comes on dice!
  • Green Color
    • Roll the the numbered dice. Note that number. Now pick the top green card. Check what picture is on the back of the card. You have to find that no. of pictures on the board.
    • For example if your ludo dice rolled 3 and your green card has monkey picture, you need to find 3 monkeys in the baord
    • You need to start the timer and you need to find the required no. of pictures before the timer is up.
    • If you are able to find them, you get to keep the card, if not you just keep it back in the box ie. the card cannot be used anymore in current game.
    • Pass the turn to next person!
  • Red Color
    • If red comes on the color dice. Every one needs to bid how many pictures they will find.
    • Whoever bids highest  (including one who rolled the dice) gets to find the picture irrespective of who rolled the dice.
    • So for example if  Manoj rolled the dice, but Shohan bid highest lets say 5 he needs to find the 5 pictures on the board. The picture to find is on the back side of that red card.
    • Timer is started again ad if he is able to find those pictures, get to keep the card. Else the card goes into waste box!
  • Blue Color
    • This is actual color pictureka card 🙂
    • As soon as this color comes, it means whatever picture comes on card, everybody will search that picture.
    • Whoever gets to find the picture first, keeps the card!
    • So as soon as this color comes, start the timer ans show the picture to every one and then everyone starts searching for the picture.

In the end whoever collects the maximum no. of cards is a winner!!

There are few more rules like special symbols on the card which are explained on the card itself and is easy.

It’s a real fun game and also helps improving concentration and memory!

I feel it is a must have board game!


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