Magnetic Puzzles for kids- Have you tried?

Puzzles are one of the most bought toys today. Starting from some we established puzzled, now days there are many available in market with in all price ranges. 

Magnetic puzzles are also a good option if you thinking of gifting your child some good puzzles games this Diwali.

They are same as regular puzzle blocks, but what I have seen is that the regular puzzled blocks are generally fixed in shape while these magnetic puzzled available in the market today lets the kid create different shapes based on his/her imagination. Have a look below.

There are many available in market with price range of Rs 250 and above and make a nice gift for 3 years and above.

Most of them gives an option to create 200 or so shapes and is a good pass time for the child. Suitable for both boys and girls, you can keep them engaged for hours.

So try them out next time and do post your comments.


Have a good day!


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