Some cool toy gifts for Christmas

Christmas is around, winter is there already and it has started becoming cold, kids are busy with their term examinations and soon they will have their Christmas holidays. So time for some good fun, outing and happiness. Let look at some good toy ideas for this Christmas.

1) Animal finger puppet from Kuhu Creations.

Pretty puppets which fits into fingers. Ideal for bed time stories and fun play. Available on,


2)Toyzone Eco Panda Magic Car

Car has lighting functions, has different musical sound and can turn 360 degress. Ideal for 3+ years. Cool pure fun! Available on


3)Sunshine Flying Ball with Motion Sensors and 3D Lights

When switched on the ball flies, just like a helicopter. Nice for kids to play. It is very entertaining.  Ideal for kids 5+ years of age as it has rotating parts. Available on,


4)Laser Spinning Top with LED Light and Laser Toy, Multi Color

Spinning top, with LED light. The light turns on as soon as the top starts spinning. Looks really cool in dark room. Ideal for 3+ years olds. Available on


5)Funskool Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Excellent toy gun with very good quality. Darts are also quite safe. Bright neon color make it very attractive. Loading darts is also very easy. Very good toy for 8+ years of age. Available on Flipkart, and FunSkool website (or funskool stores).


Hope you liked our recommendations!


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