Is your child learning to self-feed, try self leveling spoon

Self leveling Spoon, came across this from one of our friends visiting from Europe and found this very interesting and useful. Hence thought of writing about it. While feeding there child, they had a spoon which was spill free. This looked a bit interesting to me. Our kids are grown up now and we don’t … Read more

Toy needs for kids with Autism

In one of our previous posts, we discussed about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  It is a neurobehavioral disorder which requires special attention from parents. Such kids have specific needs and hence specific toy needs. Today we discuss the need for the toys for child with autism. Kids with Autism exhibit behaviors like Trouble in communication Difficulty … Read more

Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids

Today we live in digital era, the modern age where everything is connected and everything is smart .. be it smart homes, smart cars , smart phones, etc .. Then why not smart toys? Friends welcome to our post “Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids” Is your kid spending too much time … Read more