Toy Review-Taf Toys All in One Baby Car Toy for your princess!

Trying to find a perfect toy for your little angel while travelling in car? This is something good which you can try, the All in One Baby Car Toy. Taf Toys All in One Baby Car Toy We have increasing acceptance of car seats (for babies) in India now. Car seats are safer and hence … Read more

Travelling with Kids – Try these wooden puzzles!

Summer is around the corner and school holidays are about to start. Many of us would have made plans to travel along with kids to either our home town or for a couple of days outing some where. One of the key challenge is to keep the child engaged. Specifically if they are in below … Read more

Weekend trip with your little one (2 to 3 years)- Carry these 5 toys

Planning for a weekend trip with your little ones? A long drive you need to take. It can be a bit challenging. I have seen that they start loosing patience. Below 5 toys can be handy. Try them out. Coloring Books One of the good ways to engage kid in this age. Kids love colors. … Read more