Kids Moral Story – The Greedy Mouse

The Greedy Mouse

The moral of the story greedy mouse is – “Never have greed more than the need you have”

Kids Moral Story – The Greedy Mouse

Once upon a time there lived a mouse. The mouse used to live near the house of a Merchant. The merchant has stocked a large amount of grains in his house. Once the mouse was very hungry. He was roaming near merchant’s house when he saw this huge basket full of grains.

Mouse was very happy. He thought “I can eat a little grain daily from this and satisfy mu hunger”. So he made a small hole in the basket. Some grains came out and he ate those grains. He was very satisfied with this.

This continued for few days. One day the mouse became a bit greedy. He though why not to do a bigger hole. This way more grains will come out and I will eat more. So he did that and ate more. He felt more happy.

Next day he became more greedy. He thought. Why not make a bigger hole and get inside and eat how much I want. So he made a bigger hole. He got inside and ate a lot. He ate so much that his stomach swell.

Now he was fatter than hole and was not able to come out. He started crying. He thought he got stuck in the basket and now Merchant will come to know and will catch him. He kept crying the whole night.

But when the food got digested, his stomach shrunk and he was able to come out.

Next day he again did the same. He went into the basket and ate a lot. His stomach got filled again and he was not able to come out. He again started crying. But could not do anything. There was a rabbit passing by. He heard the mouse crying and asked, friend what happened?

Mouse told him about the incident. Rabbit said, this happened because you became greedy. You ate more than needed and hence your stomach is now bloated. You need to wait till the food gets digested.

The mouse was again stuck in the basket. After some time a Cat was passing by. He got the smell of mouse and found that the mouse is in the basket. He opened the lid and caught the mouse and ate it.

Moral of Story : Do not be greedy. Take only what you need!

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