The thief and the Sage – Kids moral story

Moral of the story “the thief and the sage” is that “It is never late to leave your bad habits”

The thief and the sage

One upon a time in a city lived a thief whose name kas Kallu. He often used to roam in the night in the city and he used to steal things from people house. Once he was roaming in the city and he passed by a house which was locked. He has see this house locked for many days. He thought probably there was no one in the house and hence planned to get inside the house to steal things.

He peeped inside and saw a small lamp burning inside. He was curious. He thought that there is some one inside. So he waited for some time, but he did not see any one and the house was locked. So he decided to enter inside the house.

Hence he broke open the window and got it. He saw a small burning lamp and also saw lot of gold pieces scattered on the floor.

Kallu was very happy. He thought if he takes all these gold pieces, he would never had to steal again. So he started picking up all the gold pieces. As soon as he picked all of them and was about to leave, more peices appeared on the ground. The more he picked, more appeared.

Kallu was very happy. He stayed there whole night and kept picking all the gold pieces. By the time he was done, it was morning. So he decided to leave. But as soon as he saw outside, it was all a beautiful day with people doing their work. He thought ” If I leave now, people will see me and catch me. Better to hide here till sunset and then I will leave after sunset”.

So he decided to hide in the house itself. He left the bag on the floor and hid himself behind a cupboard. After some time a Sadhu opened the door and entered inside. Sadhu ji saw the bag on the floor and picked it up. He said to himself – “Who has come to my house when I was away and left his bag here”.

So he opened the bag to find it full of ash. He took out the all the ash to throw it. As soon as he was leaving, Kallu appeared before him. Kallu was very curious to know the fact. So he told the Sadhu – “Sadhu ji I am a thief and I came here to steal. I saw lot of gold pieces lying on the floor so I collected them in this bag. This bad was full of gold pieces and now it is full of ash. How did this happen. I am very curious to know hence I told you the truth. Please explain me Sadhu ji.”

The Sadhu said “Kallu, this house is a blessed house. Every night when the lamp glows, these gold coins get scattered here and if some on collects them, they turn into ash. It was god’s wish to bring you here to make you understand that greed is a bad habit. You must leave this bad habit of stealing “.

Kallu touched Sadhu’s feet and promised that he will leave stealing and do the hard work and earn money in a good way!

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So what is the moral of story – “the thief and the sage” ? The moral of the story is ” It is never late to leave a bad habit ” .

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