Wooden rattle toys for your little one – Cute and Safe alternative to plastic rattles

Looking for a safe and colorful alternative to plastic rattles for your little doll.. try wooden rattle toys. One the best and safe alternatives to plastic rattle toys!

Jhun Jhuna – The traditional indian wooden rattle toy

These traditional Indian toys also called as “Jhun Jhuna” in Hindi provide a safe alternative to plastic toys.

Few things we need to keep in mind though

  • Buy from some reputed manufacturer
  • Make sure that the corners are smooth
  • Make sure that the colors used are organic and non toxic . Its better to ask. If regular paint is used then it’s not safe to use these toys.
  • Buy from reputes shops who can give the guarantee of the quality.

Ok, if you find this interesting check these out from various online market place or offline shops…

Do you know that in India, there are places which specialize in wooden toys.

Have you heard of Channapattna. This place is famous for making safe and beautiful wooden toys. Very near to Bangalore & Mysore it is a must visit place if you are a wooden toy fan !

You can read more about these by clicking here !

Wooden rattles for babies

You can try these simple wooden baby rattle..

simple Wooden rattle


Rainbow Rattle

OR, give her a more colorful wooden rattle, the rainbow rattle

rainbow Wooden rattle


Rolling wooden rattle

Or, a wooden rattle like a rolling rattle – like the one below from Desi Toys


Cartoon wooden rattles

Or .. check these funny ones out .. the cartoon rattles

There are many more different types of  wooden rattles available out there. Buy some of these colorful ones for your baby.

Many of these are hand made and are made by local artisans requiring some excellent craftsmanship which has been passed from from generation to generation!

Buying these toys, you not only give a safe and beautifully colored toy to your child, you are also helping this art to survive!

So Do check them out.


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