Celebrating Safe Deepawali (Diwali) with kids

Natkhatduniya wishes all its readers and very happy, prosperous and safe Deepawali. Diwali or Deepawali is around the corner. It is a festival of lights, festivals of happiness. It is also a festival of togetherness. It is one of the most awaited festival of the year. The preparation starts days in advance. Cleaning the house, … Read more

What is Auditory processing disorder (APD) in kids.

Continuing further in our section on kids with special needs, today we will talk about APD. It is also known as CAPD (Central auditory processing disorder), is a hearing problem.   This is a condition in which brain is not able to process the sound of information received from the ears. That is the kid … Read more

Kids learning tablets – 5 good options

Tablets are becoming more popular now a days. It is a common sight to see kids playing on tablets be it at home or at railway stations, malls, airports etc. It is actually a great tool to keep children occupied and entertained for long. However we have to be careful while giving tablets to kid, … Read more

Robot Toys – Your kids electronic friend!

Every body remembers Chitti from Rajnikant’s famous movie “Robot” ( “Enthiran” in Tamil). Well Chitti was a very advanced robot, but the point is that robots do generate lots of interest because of their ability to interact. Interact with us and the environment around. And this creates certain excitement around this concepts of “Robots”. They are loved … Read more

Ben 10 – from TV Series to Toys, Games & Merchandise

If you have a 5+ year kid, it is very likely that he would have asked for a Ben10 toy. When my kids asked me, I gave them without actually knowing what this toy is all about. But then I realized that I should actually know about it and started knowing more about Ben10. Ben10 is … Read more

Five popular drawing apps for kids

With advancement in the technology of mobile devices, we have new ways of engaging kids. And that is good. In our times we used to have Slate and chalk. And they still exist. But lets look at apps which are available on android market place and are popular among kids. Below we are listing down 5 popular apps … Read more

Toy Libraries – Are they good?

We have discussed a lot on the importance of toys. Children learn a lot when they are busy and their health is in good shape when they are active. Isn’t it? And toys are best wa-y to keep them busy and active. There are many toys around and as parent we just give our kids … Read more

App Review – Petworld Games (Wildlife Africa and Other games)

Petworld is a set of games offered by Tivola. They have recently launched a new app on android called as “PetWorld: WildLife Africa” Click here to go to google play store The game has the content rating of 3+ The app is free to install, but has in-app purchases Observation: Complexity: The game is fairly simple. … Read more