Friendship day – Activities, Gifts and more..

Friends are special to all. They are those people we choose to have in our lives and not pre-decided by any one or god. A true friend is a person who accepts you the way you are and cherishes your uniqueness, loves your madness and becomes a part of all the mischief with you. To all our readers – Happy Friendship day 2020.

A friend is always there to support you and also scold you when needed. They are our guardian angles. They are our blessing in disguise. So to celebrate such a special person and the bond you share there must be a special day. Friendship day is this special day to celebrate your love for your friend – Friendship day once again.

Friendship day 2020?

Initially friendship day was decided to be celebrated on July 30 each year with friends and family. This is a day one would love to spend with his friends for the whole day and have fun.

But mostly it would not be possible as it would fall on a working day. But eventually it has been shifted to the first Sunday of August so that everyone can enjoy alike.

No special need to take an off. Friends help you learn new lessons in life and take up new challenges. Your friends push you to the limits and make you excel in life. People generally meet up with friends and celebrate it. But now days it is better to meet on the virtual party and have fun while being safe.

Friendship day 2020

Who started friendship day

Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards gave this idea way back in 1930. He suggested that friendships day be celebrated on 2 nd august. But since he was the owner of a card company everyone thought it was his business stunt and disapproved it.

In 1958 again the concept was reintroduced by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho on July 20 1958. He was having dinner with his best friends when he announced this in Paraguay.

Not much heed was paid. Then finally in 1998, Kofi Annan’s wife (then the secretary general in UN) announced the global ambassador of friendship and Winnie the Pooh grabbed the position. He is a much loved companion for most of the kids all around the world.

International friendships day

All over the world the concept of friendship day was not accepted at the same time. So the day to celebrate is also different for many parts of the world. The countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia, UAE and India celebrate it on the first Sunday of August.

While; countries like Spain, Argentina and Brazil celebrate friendships day on 20 July each year. But it is interesting to note that a few countries celebrate it in 14 February or 23 July as well. However the international friendships day is dedicated on 30 July each year.

Activities for Friendship Day

Here are a few suggestions to make your friendships days special and remember able with your friend:

  • Making bracelet: the most lo0ved and common thing done by friends of all age and status it to make a friendship band or bracelet for your special friend with your own hands. This is full of all the love and affection which is missing in the market made ones. It displays the special bond without saying even a word. DIY is the best option as you can use anything available in hand.
  • Go out with friends: if it is safe and there is a favourite destination shared by your friends then you can go there and refresh memories and have fun.
  • Host a dinner party: you can call over your special friends and treat them with delicious food of their choice. You can also make it a pot luck party so that everyone brings one item and all can have fun together while chatting and playing games.
  • Watch TV or Movies: web series or movies are a sort after option. You can watch it with your friends at your place or even online.
  • Take a day trip: you can go out to a calm and cool place, somewhere there are very less people and have some quality time with friends and family while you do not have to worry about what others think about you. You can try out a new destination and enjoy the adventure with your friends.
  • Have an adventurous day: try a new activity which you would have loved doing as a kid. Try skating, cycling or anything that brings thrill and freshens up your childhood.
  • Go to spa: if you and your friend have a very hectic life style then take a break and go to the spa and relax together while you gossip and enjoy. The fragrance and the aura will set up a relaxed mood already.
  • Shopping: last but not the least you can always go shopping with your best friend and enjoy their opinion.

Gifts for Friendship Day

Now that you have decided how to celebrate do not forget to give your friend a gift to cherish this special day and remember you.

There are many options available in the market like the: personalized coffee mugs with a nice message or a photo. The shapes also can be unique. There are many online offers as well. So when they have coffee each day they will see your bright smile.

Looking for Unique Gift Ideas – Visit OpenGiftBox

You can also check these out:

You can also make a memory book and make a collection of all the special moments you share and club them in a single book. A card is always welcome; you can make one yourself or buy the one which expresses your feelings the best.

Chocolates are loved by all. They lift up the mood so you can gift these to make your friend happy. Flowers and cake are also a good option if you are both foodies. Perfume is an ideal gift to make your friend have a sophisticated gift to cherish.

Photo frames and soft toys also work in most of the situations. Apparels and accessories too can be gifted. You can choose whatever you like. But make sure your friend loves it and will surely use it. Do not give an addition piece of furniture or show piece. Keep in mind the choice of your friend. It is a special day for friends together, so it should be something that shall remind them of you. Hope you all have a great friendships day with your most prized possession, your best friends!

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Pretend Toys – A wonderful gift for little ones

Children are bundles of joy and energy. This energy needs to be put in a good use. You must have seen that kids have vast imagination. They can come up with things and ideas that we cannot even believe. Their innocence makes them believe and wander off in their imaginative world to a separate universal. This is where Pretend Toys are great! There are many varieties like kitchen toys for kids, make up set kit toys etc..

Why Pretend Toys?

Kids have great minds that are budding with ideas. We as parents have to encourage and enhance their imagination. For this we should provide kids with tools and toys that they can use to make their imaginative world more realistic. Pretend toys are used in these types of games. These toys help the child to feel more realistic in their imagination as the toys are the size of their hand.

The size and weight of these pretend toys is just perfect for the child to play with. Kids like to do role play and behave just like their parents or any elders around. It is a great time pass for the kids.

They can use their imagination in the best way and come up with creative set ups. When kids get these pretend toys they try and create a small set up with boxes, books or bed sheets. Virtually anything at hand is used by kids to help them make a castle, a doctor chamber or a building site. These small pretend toys are ways the kids express their dreams. You never know they may really become a doctor or an architect like they are pretend at the moment.

A few ideas for the pretend toys are

So here are my list of some cool pretend toys!

Fun Blast Tool Set Toys for kids

This set is made of strong and kids safe material. This set shall allow the child to create things imaginatively. The set comprises of saw, screw, screw top, timber, screw driver, wrench, mallet, riggings etc. The kids can create stuff just like grown up people. Using these tools with their own hand will give them a realistic feel. They will role play as an architect, builder, electrician or any other form of person related to construction work.

This set will also help them respect the hand work labour put in by these officials when they actually come over to our home. The toys are made of non hazardous material and are light weight for the use of kids. Edges are smooth so even if young ones are around, it is ok to play with them.

Smartcraft Ice cream play cart

Every child loves ice cream. So do they love the ice cream van or trolley. This toy allows them to pretend selling and buying ice cream. There are many colourful ice creams, four wheel truck, frozen custard, ice lollies.

They will learn to differentiate on the basis of colour and so on. All the toys are soft and smooth edges. They are made of safe material and very light weight so that it is easy for the child to handle. It is safe for age three and above.

Ramakada supermarket shop play set toy

This is basically a grocery store set up. The kids can play as cashier or one who wants to buy stuff. They can learn skills like essential items aptitude, basic reasoning and calculative aptitude.

They can learn to arrange stuff according to departments or needs. The kids can enact and enjoy the shopping experience at a shopping mart.

Webby beauty set for girls

All girls love to get dressed up and also dress up their dolls. They love to do pretend make up just like their mother. This set gives them a feel of the real life equipments used to get ready.

There are little brushes, lipsticks, eye shadow, curler, blow dryer, mirror etc. Also there are small embellishments which she can use to beautify and do different hair styles on herself. It is quite harmless and engaging toy set. You can gift it to your daughter; it is suitable for 3 years and above.

Plastic medical set

This set will allow your child to play pretend doctor and also get the feel of it. Kids can check your temperature with a thermometer or look for heart beat in their dolls. There is stethoscope and light and all the other equipment needed for first aid. There are scissors and tongue etc as well.

Kids will learn the care and love that medical staff has for the patients. They will learn social skills and also learn the skill of patience along with respect for all. The kids are easily engaged for quite some time as they can set up a clinic for their toys and have a doctor check up day. They toys are made of safe quality plastic and can be given to kids 3 years and above.

Kitchen set

This set usually comprises of all the utensils present in a basic kitchen. The set also comes with oven fridge and much more. The kids can set up a kitchen in the corner and play. It helps them realize all the effort a mother puts in to prepare a meal and all the work to be done before and after.

They learn to work together and prepare meals that they love. Kids generally set up a restaurant for their parents and serve them food. They can be engaged for a long time. The plastic is generally food safe as kids may put it in their mouth. It safe for age three and above.

As parents you have to do a lot for the kids. Buying pretend toys is another step in parenting. Remember to buy age and gender specific toys. Always ask your kids for opinion, and buy products that are made of good quality plastic. Make sure you do not buy too many small pieces for your young one, as they just might swallow a nut or screw. Have a happy time playing with kids. Find some time to introduce them to the toys and then they can be left alone to enjoy.

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The foolish Monkey – Kids moral story

The foolish monkey

The foolish Monkey – The moral of the story is that you should not believe on anyone with out understanding the facts.

The foolish monkey

Once upon a time ,there was a monkey who lived in a big jungle . One day ,while he was sitting on a tall tree ,strong winds stared to blow .the branch on which the monkey was sitting ,stared shaking in the storm.

The monkey got very sacred.He rushed down to the ground and started to roam around in panic and fear. he got an idea and thought to himself,” its very risky to sit on this tree .the strong winds might uproot the tree and i will die along with it . i must go a little far from this tree.”
Hence, the monkey went and sat under a coconut tree . ” I think it is safer here ” he thought

The storm was still blowing very fiercely. Just when the monkey sat under the coconut tree, two big coconut fell down with a big thud. After hearing the loud noise of the falling coconuts, the monkey felt as if there was some big disaster coming up soon. He thought, ” I think the earth is about to split any moment. Is the world coming to an end? I think all the universe is about to collapse soon”

After imaging those calamities, the monkey fled fast to save his life. Seeing the monkey running, a parrot asked – hey money where are you going in such a haste ?

I am going to save my life. If you want to be alive, follow me. Also inform this news to everyone in the jungle. The monkey said.

The parrot asked – why are you saying this? What has happened. All seems fine to me . Please tell me what is the matter.

The monkey said, It is a very shocking news. The earth is going to split and the world is going to end. We may not be able to live more. I have felt it myself.

The parrot gave this news to other parrots. Soon the news spread like a fire and everyone started running. All the animals started running.

Hearing this loud noise in jungle, the king of jungle, The lion woke up. He came out of his cave and saw a deer running. He asked the deer what happened and dear told him that the earth is going to end.

Lion was surprised. He asked him – who had told him this’, the deer pointed to fox, the fox pointed to rabbit, the rabbit pointed to some one else.

Finally the lion reached the monkey. He took the monkey to the same spot where the monkey was sleeping. He checked the entire area and found that due to storm 2 coconuts have fallen down and hit the rock on which monkey was sitting. The monkey got scared and started spreading this rumor of the world coming to an end.

Every one in the jungle was very unhappy with the monkey. The Monkey felt very ashamed.

he moral of the story is that you should not believe on anyone with out understanding the facts.

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Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family – Advantages and Disadvantages

joint family vs nuclear family

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family: Family is the institution . It is the most important part of the life of an individual. This is where god chooses you to be born. Every person learns a lot from the family. There are two types of families: joint family and nuclear family.

Joint Family and Nuclear Family – Definition

A small family is a nuclear family having parents and their children only. While an extended family having parents their children, spouses of the children and further their children too is a joint family. Let us look at Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family.

Joint Family

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family

Few significant points about a joint family are: 

  • Help: as there are many members in the family help can be extended by members to each other.
  • Unity: a joint family stands strong during tough times as they have emotional as well as financial support of each other. Tradition and culture are passed on from one generation 
  • Youngsters are well cared for: as there are many members so the kids get more love and care and also there is an adult around always to monitor them and take care of them. They get loads of love and care too.
  • Work sharing: the members of family share responsibilities and get can get some time off to have fun and relax.
  • Social insurance: for the widows and old age people there is always love and support for them in the joint family as all can share the responsibility.
  • Psychological well being: there is no feeling of depression or loneliness as you always have someone to share your feelings with.
  • Cost effective: since all the cost of the household is shared by all the members it is a stable household in financial terms as well. A sudden job loss of one member does not hurt the whole family and gives some buffer time.
  • Value: adjustment and compromise as well as sharing are some of the values that kids can learn by seeing in a joint family.
  • Functions: get-together are great fun as the number of guests also increases. Not just people to have fun with increases but also the number of people to share the work load increases.
  • Kids are confident as they are able to speak fluently in front of larger number of people.
  • Though there may be lack of privacy and many quarrels many happen. It is difficult to reach a decision at times due to many thoughts on the same topic.

Nuclear Family

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family

Few points about a nuclear family: 

  • Freedom: as there is only a limited number of members you are more free to do as per your will without thinking what other family members may think. Democracy prevails in such a family.
  • Stronger bond: there is a stronger bond between parents and the siblings as they are aware of all the happenings in each other’s life. There is mutual respect and love.
  • Fewer restrictions: kids get more freedom as parents need to work and kids may be alone at home. The kids can go out on their own and make friends and spend time with them. They are allowed to go out for picnics and outings more frequently. 
  • Quick decisions: there are lesser quarrels and faster decision making. Everyone has a say in the discussion before the decision.
  • Gender equality: as both the parents share responsibility kids learn gender equality and respect for each other. They learn that sharing each other’s responsibility at times is good and there are no work described for any sex particularly. Like food can be made by daddy and mom can go out to work.
  • Lesser expenses: as there are only few members the parents can save for the future of their kids and also take out money for leisure activities.
  • More privacy: as there is lesser interference and more independence kids too become independent very soon. They learn to do their own work and also mind their own business, rather than poke nose in other’s work and life.
  • Financial support: generally nuclear families take loans to fulfil needs and a sudden loss of job may burden the house hold.
  • Loneliness: at times the members may feel depressed and lonely as everyone is busy with their own routine and seldom have time for others.
  • Difficult to handle kids: as mostly both the parents are working it becomes difficult to take care of the kids.
  • Elders are left alone: as kids grow up and start to earn they feel it is ok to leave parents and stay alone. This gives loneliness to elders and it is difficult for them to cope up.

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family – Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons of both the family set up. In the joint family culture and tradition are taught more easily. Kids learn various values and sharing.

They learn to take up responsibilities and also care for others. They learn various cuisines and also learn more than one language. They learn social etiquettes and family values. But larger size is difficult to carry along.

For young kids who need time for studies; find it difficult to find space and calm to concentrate on studies. There are so many occasion going on every now and then that there is virtually no privacy and loads of guests at the home. 

But with urbanization taking place there are smaller homes and the need for both the parents to be working. Smaller families provide freedom to work at your own pace and also at times work from home without any interference. You need to do chores in small amounts giving more time for oneself.

A person can give time for personal fitness and tastes. You can make decoration and food according to your own taste. There are lesser quarrels and more peace in a nuclear family.

There is more value of money among kids as they get to spend pocket money. Personal attention can be given by the parents to the needs of the children and also do thing according to their liking. So nuclear family is the preferred family set up by the new generation.

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Universal Immunization Programme – Age wise baby vaccination chart , baby vaccination schedule

baby vaccination chart

Vaccination is very very important for all the babies. They play a very important role in babies development and protect the child from a lot of illness. Lets try to understand what is Universal Immunization Programme of Govt of India and what is Age wise baby vaccination chart , baby vaccination schedule.

Baby Vaccination Schedule – Why is it needed?

A child our body’s immune system is not that well developed. The role of immune system to fight back disease causing germs. Hence vaccination helps the body in a way that the body starts developing immunity against those germs.

So vaccination of child is very important. The Vaccination Schedule table is given below which you can refer to.

What is Universal Immunization Programme ( UIP ) ?

Immunization Programme is one of the most important methods for protection of children from life threatening deseases.

Under the Universal Immunization Programme, Government of India provides vaccination to prevent seven vaccine preventable diseases. These are : Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, severe form of Childhood Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B, Hiaemophilus influenza type b (Hib) and Diarrhea.

It is one of the key schemes under key areas under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) 

UIP is one of the largest immunization programme in the world and a major public health intervention in the country.

Baby Vaccination Schedule table – Baby vaccination chart

Below is the immunization schedule table under UIP ( Universal Immunization Programme ) . Source for below table: National Health Mission

Baby Vaccination chart which is generally followed is as below. You should always check with your doctor on these. These vaccines are anyway given only after doctor has written for it. Under UIP these vaccines are avaiable in all govt hospitals.

Vaccine When to give Dose RouteSite
BCG At birth or as early as possible till one year of age 0.1ml  (0.05ml until 1 month of age) Intra -dermalLeft Upper Arm
Hepatitis B Birth dose At birth or as early as possible within 24 hours 0.5 ml IntramuscularAnterolateral side of mid thigh-LEFT
OPV Birth dose At birth or as early as possible within the first 15 days 2 drops Oral
OPV 1,2 & 3  At 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 14 weeks 2 drops Oral
IPV (inactivated Polio Vaccine) 14 weeks 0.5 ml IntramuscularAnterolateral side of mid thigh-RIGHT
Pentavelant  1,2 & 3  At 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 14 weeks 0.5 ml IntramuscularAnterolateral side of mid thigh-LEFT
Rota Virus Vaccine At 6 weeks, 10 weeks & 14 weeks 5 drops Oral
Measles 1st Dose 9 completed months-12 months. (give up to 5 years if not received at 9-12 months age) 0.5 ml SubcutaneousRight Upper Arm
Vitamin A, 1st Dose At 9 months with measles 1 ml  (1 lakh IU) Oral
DPT 1st  booster 16-24 months 0.5 ml IntramuscularAnterolateral side of mid thigh-LEFT
OPV Booster 16-24 months 2 drops Oral 
Measles 2nd  dose 16-24 Months 0.5 ml SubcutaneousRight Upper Arm
Vitamin A  (2nd to 9th dose) 16 months with DPT/OPV booster, then, one dose every 6 month up to the age of 5 years) 2 ml  (2 lakh IU) Oral
DPT 2nd Booster 5-6 years 0.5 ml. IntramuscularLeft Upper Arm
TT 10 years & 16 years 0.5 ml IntramuscularUpper Arm

You can check below from India Academy Of Pediatrics website

Image Source – India Academy of Pediatrics

Top 5 Best Baby Rocker for your little ones

Top 5 Best Baby Rocker For Your Little Ones

Are you looking for Baby Rocker? Check out my list of top 5 best Baby Rocker available in the market.

Life’s little stories bloom with coming of the little one in your life. It completes your life with many joys of parenthood

Fisher Price New Infant to Toddler Baby Rocker – Geo Diamonds #1

It is perfect for baby to play, to feed or to interact with others. Two toys hang overhead to provide fun for children. It can later be converted to a rocker to soothe and relax. Can take weight up to 40 pounds (around 18 Kgs).

It has a fold-out kickstand with two separate reclining levels which provide added stability. The seat pad is machine washable, so feeding your child in is an simple option.

Fisher Price New Infant to Toddler Rocker - Geo Diamonds Baby Rocker

Some tips

  • Only use a child who can not sit pain free or begin to understand the edge of the seat and pull it upwards.
  • Use it for anything: Convenient eating, playing or rest room for babies
  • Wash and Keep it clean: The rocker pad can be washed by machine and kept clean when needed
    To help soothe and comfort, switch on the calming vibrations.

Key features

Adjustable seat recline and removable toy bar with 2 toys and soothing vibrations help to soothe and comfort the baby. Seat pads are removable.

  • Weight up to 18.1 Kilograms ( 40 pounds)
  • Machine washable ( remove the pad and can wash it in washing machine)
  • Battery operated and hence battery is needed . Up to 90 Hours Battery Life
  • Easy baby food, play or rest room
  • Turn on soothing vibrations to help soothe and comfort
  • Fixed seat position with kick-stand
  • Toy bar is removable – 2 flip flops
  • Two reclining seats help to keep the kids comfortable in both stages
  • Removable, machine washable seat pad
  • Sleek & modern design

Key Dimensions

Point Dimensions : 2.72 Kg , Size 50 x 60 x 42 cm

So this rocker is very good for your, baby comfy-cozy – and safe & secure . When it’s time for rest, a soft, reclining seat helps baby to feel comfortable, safe and secure. This help stimulate baby’s senses.

Does it rocks by itself?

Ont this to note is that Fisher-Price® Infant-to-Toddler Rocker in Geo Diamonds only provides calming vibrations, without assistance it is stationary

How can you clean it ?

At what age we can start using this rocker?

You start by unsnapping the cover (front first and the the two sides). Then it should just pull up. Unbuckle from bottom to and you have the cover out which you can wash in any washing machine.

This can be used for toddlers from 1 month to may be upto 3-4 years of age. Don’t expect to much on rocking side, a little vibration with almost unnoticed vibration which moves this is good enough.

So friends it is a very good rocker, very nice, cozy and comfortable, your baby would definitely feel it like mother’s womb, though little pricy but worth the money.

This definitely sturdy, easy to assemble, easy to clean and maintain , seat cover dry quick after wash, very well designed.. Do get one today for your baby!

LuvLap Jungle Tales Newborn to Toddler Portable Baby Rocker Cum Bouncer #2

For baby it’s the next best thing to being in your arms. Entertain your little one and give him or her a personal resting place. Luvlap’s high chairs, cots, walkers and other indoor products will have the whole household floored by baby’s happy smiles and chuckles. Let us look at Luvlap’s portable Baby walker.

LuvLap Jungle Tales Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker Cum Bouncer Baby Rocker

Conceived with care and made using the latest marvels of science, all Luvlap products undergo multiple quality checks before they are dispatched to the stores. The products are available at all leading baby gear and online stores and conform to the European standards.

Emphasis is on child safety and enrichment of features. So your little one gets the comfort that’s next only to the warmth of your lap.

Key Features

  • 3 Adjustable backrest position and soft cushioned seat help infants enjoy relaxed time
  • 3 Point safety harnesses, for infant safety
  • 8 Different melodies with adjustable volume and vibration to relax a baby
  • Attractive play bar with two soft toys to stimulate the senses of the baby
  • Kickstand, for static position helps feed and sleep comfortably
  • Suitable for babies who are newborn to 3 years old and weigh up to 20 kg
  • Dimensions : 45 cm x 70 cm x 64 cm
  • Battery not required
  • Portable – can take it any where
  • Suggested minimum age is 1 year

What is maximum weight and maximum age?

Suggested to be used till 3 years of age and maximum weight of 20 Kgs.

What is the meaning of portable rocker ?

This rocker is fordable and hence you can carry it any where.

Why is battery needed if it is not battery operated?

It doe not run battery. Battery is only needed if you want music or mild vibrations. Keep a note of this while buying.

Music is fine otherwise and vibrations works well as well.
There is two controls for music and vibrations with Controls on strength of Vibrations.

Another important feature is Mosquito net which is also very helpful.

It’s an amazing product in this price. Its one of the most easy and relaxed rocker nappers in the market

StarAndDaisy Electric baby swing cradle rocking chair #3

With seat recline 2 positions bouncer baby sleeper multi function bed crib Best Suited for 0-12 months. Look at the picture below. Will be so conformable for your new born.

StarAndDaisy Electric baby swing cradle rocking chair  Baby Rocker

Key Features

5 Gear Automatic Electric Swing

Say good bye to old fashioned hand-pushed cradle. It imitates your hand push more accurately with electricity and gives you the freedom to control the speed of the swing to soothe your baby and let him feel in your arms.

Wireless Remote Control

Have the freedom to keep doing your stuffs while ensuring your baby is at comfort all the time. If the swing speed is not fit or the music is too loud, adjust it at ease with the wireless remote control.

2 Position Seat Adjustment

The cradle comes with 2 position seat adjustment ie. Anti Choke Mode and sleeping mode to enable mothers to take the best care for their newborns.

Bluetooth Music Play

Use the Bluetooth connectivity feature to connect the cradle to your mobile or laptop, and play the music your baby enjoys most.

Durable and Stable

Built with aluminum alloy of aviation standard, this makes it not only lightweight, but also durable and stable for long-term use.

Timer function

It allows you to set the swing time to make the baby sleep and after completion, the cradle swing will stop automatically


Pink, Khaki Aura, Green, and Grey

Technical Specifications:
  • Size: 75 X 47 X 48 cm
  • Package Dimensions: 75 X 48 X 13
  • Package Weight: 5.4 Kg

An easy-to-fold space-efficient baby cradle rocking chair is designed with the best materials in the class that include aluminum alloy of aviation grade, fine fabric (free of any synthetic/chemical based coloring), well-insulated electrical components.
It’s designed to give your newborn the best comfort so they feel like they’re in the arms of a mother.

Fitted with a safety belt of 5 points ensure your baby is secure in the cradle. Make sure all of you keep the safety belt on while your baby’s in the cradle.

Webby Newborn to Toddler Portable Baby Rocker #4

Webby Newborn to Toddler Portable Baby Rocker is a compact and transitional rocker with a contemporary and well designed style. The design helps your little one to grow in the seat.

Webby Baby Rocker

There are three different recline positions which are best suited for newborns, infants and infants.

This baby rocker is multi functional and can be used as a rocking seat or can be transformed into a stationary seat which is highly comfortable for a child during feeding or nap.

It is best suited for the children aged between 0-4 years. The Newborn’s average carrying ability to Toddler Portable Rocker is as much as 18 kg.

Key Features
  • It suits best for newborns, and the calming vibrations make the little one feel like a ride in the car.
  • The adjustable recline position gives comfort for the kids.
  • It has a removable toy bar that includes two hanging toys – The baby can play and have a fun time.
  • The compact folding feature of this rocker makes it more attractive and is a space saver.
  • It is highly comfortable and is secure for the little ones.
  • The cushion is soft and suits best for all skin types.
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • Washable seat pad
  • Soothing features
  • Fold-able
  • Bouncy seat
Key Specification
  • Recommended age: 0+ months
  • Dimensions: 48 x 61 x 45cm
  • Weight: 399g

This rocker is easy to assemble. It has a removable toy bar. You can remove it and convert the rocker into a chair during baby’s meal time. When the baby wants to play turn it into rocker and let baby has lots of fun.

Baybeeshoppee Baby Rocking Chair #5

Do you wish to keep your little angel engaged and want them to have lots of fun? If yes, babybeeshopee Baby Rocking Chair can be a very good option.

Baybeeshoppee Baby Rocking Chair

The attractive rocking chair will surely be loved by the little angel. The comfortable seat and the perfect grip helps kid sit for a long duration.

Key Features

  • The rocker is made of premium quality and non-toxic material.
  • Reclining seat: The soft and cosy reclining seat gives high level of comfort for the kids.
  • It is easy to hold and carry the rocker.
  • The rocker comes with music and a light music plays when the kid suddenly wakes up.
  • Easy to fold: The rocker can be easily folded and is travel friendly.
  • Anti-skid: The rocker is specifically designed using the science of balance and you can rest assured that the kid will not fall from the rocker.
  • Multi functional: It is very simple to remove the toy bar and subsequently convert it into a chair.
  • Extra Safety: Hand pegs and foot pegs ensure extra safety for the kids.
  • Seat Pad: The cushion is soft, removable, and machine washable.

Key Specifications:

Item Weight: 3kg
Recommendable weight: 18kg
Product dimensions: 60 x 45 x 20cm
Material: Non-toxic material

Pretty good quality rocking chair, and very sturdy and safe for babies (does not skid and the edges are not pointy). It was easy to assemble and there is a removable handle for hanging toys to entertain the baby if required.

The babybee shoppee baby rocking chair is very attractive and is made of high quality material. The cushion is comfortable and easily washable. The handrest provides more grip and it is safe for baby to can be used as a baby rocker, toddler rocking chair and a stationery chair etc.

Baby Rocker With Toy Bar

These rockers are made from superior quality material, which provides the utmost comfort for the baby and also provides optimum support for the baby to relax.

This vibrating and soothing rocker will keep the baby calm with its movement. In this rocker, the baby can take a nap, play, and also enjoy the bouncing movement and relax. It also has a removable toy bar, which keeps the baby amused for a long time.

Key Features

  • Material: It is made from superior quality material, which provides the utmost comfort for the baby. Also, it provides optimum support for the baby’s back so that they can relax in a cozy environment
  • Vibration: The rocker has a vibrator that provides a soothing feeling to the baby and keeps them calm. The baby can take a nap, play and also enjoy the bouncing movement and relax for a long time
  • Safety: This rocker has three-point safety harnesses which keep the baby secure and safe
  • Toy bar: It has a removable toy bar on which the baby’s favorite toys can be attached or detached as required. It keeps the baby amused for a long time

Key Specifications

  • Overall dimension: 67.5 x 52.5 x 79 cm
  • Seat dimension: 17.5 x 34 cm
  • Battery for rocker: 3AA (R6S)1.5V (Not Included)
  • Carrying Capacity: 18 Kg
  • Net Weight: 3 Kg

All these rockers comes with good color and nice design. These rockers are very safe to use and made from best quality materials. All these are quite a good buy. I hope you liked our list of to 5 best baby rockers. Do let us know your comments.

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Kids Moral Story – The Two Parrots

kids moral stories - the two parrots

Moral of story – The Two Parrots : The inner beauty of our soul will always be treasured in the end.

The Two Parrots

Once upon a time there lived two parrots – Toto and Popo. They loved travelling to new places. One day they decided to visit Kings palace.

The kings palace was very big and beautiful. They started roaming around the kings palace and became very tired. So Toto asked Popo if they can sit on one of the trees in Kings garden , take some rest and also eat some nice fruits.

Popo liked this idea so they flew into Kings garden and went up a tree to eat some fruits. But they got stuck there.

Popo got afraid. He said to Toto – ” Toto looks like there was some trap which was setup and we are stuck. Now we will be caught and will not be able to go back home”

Toto Said – “Don’t worry my friend, this way we will be able to meet the king and also see his palace. So let not get sad.”

The soldiers caught the parrots Toto and Popo and took them to the king. The king was quite happy to see the two beautiful parrots. So he ordered his soldiers to make a golden cage for parrots and also give them the best possible food.

So both the parrots were not allowed to fly back. The incident became very popular in the town and were the topic of discussion in the entire kingdom. All the visitors to the palace started praising and taking about the beauty of the parrots.

Toto and popo also started enjoying the new found luxuries.

One a day a giant monkey came into the palace. It was such a big monkey that no body has seen a giant monkey like him before. Soon he became the center of attraction and people from across the kingdom came to enjoy the tricks of the monkey.

Soon people were more attracted towards the monkey and hence Toto and Popo started feeling ignored and unwanted. So Popo told Toto – ” Everybody has started loving monkey now and no one cares for us any more. We are feeling so neglected. The monkey seems to be more attractive. Shall we try to escape from this cage?”

Toto was intelligent. He told Popo not to get depressed. He said – “Listen Popo, we are unique. We are also beautiful. So we need to be patient. We are different and one day people will realize this and come back to us.”

Popo seemed to agreeing to this point. He nodded in agreement. Toto said further – ” Beauty, attraction, ignorance, praise, criticism, interest, disinterest, respect and dis-respect are all temporary feeling and behaviours. Only real character of a living being is what pleases others. I am very sure that one day people will get bored of monkey and will realise our value.”

Soon the monkey became more violent and naughty. He started misbehaving with visitors. One day the king got very angry and asked his soldiers to leave the monkey in the jungle.

Once again people realized the value to parrots and Toto and Popo started getting attention again.

Moral of story – The Two Parrots : The inner beauty of our soul will always be treasured in the end.

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