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Traditional Indian Toys and Games

Traditional Indian Toys and games  has been part of every civilization. It’s just that with modern times, toys have become global and more modern in outlook. Today
toys have also become more mechanized and battery operated. Today we look at toys from a more scientific angle, trying to establish the
value it is adding to our kids life.

But, old traditional toys in every part of world were also meant to impart learning and social development. They were more simple in
nature, easy to use, colorful and depicted the tradition of the region.

India also has it’s own share of traditional toys. There are many regions within country which are famous for traditional art and craft
including toys. Many more got lost in history.

Today we are trying to cover regions which still carry on the tradition of manufacturing ethnic toys and keeping the tradition

We at natkhatduniya strongly believe that these tradition should be preserved and supported.

These traditional toys are mainly made up of wood. Use safe colors and environment friendly.