Geometry for kids – A fun way to teach Geometry to kids – Kitki three sticks maths game

Kitki three sticks maths game – You want to gift your 8 year old a toy which can also help him/her learn something? While searching through I found an interesting board game which I would like to share here. This board game is called as “Kitki Three Sticks Maths Game“. Kitki three sticks maths game … Read more

Best magnetic toys for 2021

to 10 magnetic toys

Easy to assemble and DIY type of toys, the magnetic toys can be one of the best gift for your child. These toys can easily keep the kids engaged for 2 to 3 hours and will keep them away from TV and mobile phones. We have tried a couple of magnetic puzzles with our little … Read more

Buddhijal (or Brainvita) – an interesting brain game for kids


Buddhijal, also called as Brainvita is an interesting brain game. What is Buddhijal (or Brainvita) This brain teaser , Brainvita, is a very old game with its reference recorded both in western world and in Indian subcontinent. In west it’s called as Peg Solitaire while here we call it as Brainvita. How many marbles are … Read more

Shape Sorting toys and benefits it offers!

We always try to give best toys to our kids. In this process we sometimes tend to ignore toys which look very simple (and they are actually very simple), but are a very powerful learning tool. Welcome to shape sorting toys ! What are shape sorting toys So one such toy is shape sorting toys. … Read more

Lots of fun with this indoor Card and Board game for 6 year old – Pictureka

Looking for a a cool board game which you can play with your 6 year old. Check this nice game called as “Pictureka” ! A wonderful Card and Board game for 6 year old. What is Pictureka Pictureka is a multiplayer card and board game and it’s fun to play this with kids..  So before … Read more

5 Surprise Mini Brands from ZURU

5 surprise mini brand tosy

The 5 surprise Mini brands are one of the 5 surprise range of collectible toys. Each box in this range of toys contain five different themed miniature toys. So in box you will find 5 capsules. Depending upon the theme of the box each capsule will have a miniature toy which will be a replica of one of the leading brands or a super hero. So it can be a great present, a birth day gift for your little one. The recommended age for this toy is 4+ years.

Magnetic Puzzles for kids- Have you tried?

Puzzles are one of the most bought toys today. Starting from some we established puzzle makers, now days there are many available in market with in all price ranges.  Friends, welcome to our post “Magnetic Puzzles for kids – Have you tried?” one. Why Magnetic Puzzles? Magnetic puzzles are also a good option if you … Read more

Looking for a Educational Toy for your 6 year old – try Emob 4 in 1 Solar Robot Educational Toy

A toy which is powered by sun and does not require a battery to move. Isn’t it interesting and think of the interest it will generate with in your child. Hi, welcome to our post “Looking for a Educational Toy for your 6 year old – try Emob 4 in 1 Solar Robot Educational Toy“ … Read more

Best toys for toddlers – toys under Rs 500

Best toys for toddlers – toys under Rs 500

Are you looking to gift toys during this festive season? Below is the our bucket list of toys, under Rs 500, for toddlers. Friends welcome to our post Best toys for toddlers – toys under Rs 500 Toys for Toddlers Toddlers are fast learners. We need toys which help them learn more and learn faster. … Read more

Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids

Today we live in digital era, the modern age where everything is connected and everything is smart .. be it smart homes, smart cars , smart phones, etc .. Then why not smart toys? Friends welcome to our post “Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids” Is your kid spending too much time … Read more