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Best magnetic toys for 2021

Easy to assemble and DIY type of toys, the magnetic toys can be one of the best gift for your child. These toys can easily keep the kids engaged for 2 to 3 hours and will keep them away from TV and mobile phones. We have tried a couple of magnetic puzzles with our little ones and have found it to be really helpful. We are pretty sure that these toys will make a perfect gift for your little one.

Below are the list best magnetic toys for 2021 for kids which you child is definitely going to enjoy. Today we are going to help you identify some good magnetic toys to gift.

These toys are also a very good travel companion.

Below are our list of best magnetic toys for 2021

1 Cretto Magnetic Puzzle to Make 1000s of Designs with Colourful Magnetic Circles (400 Magnets, 100 Puzzle Book, Magnetic Board)

This is first one on our list. It is a set of 400 magnet pieces, very colorful and are of different colors which can be used to make different designs. With the set, a design book for around 100 designs are already provided, but your kid can create many more designs.

Only thing you have to keep in mind is that it has small pieces and hence our recommendation is that this is only suitable for kids more than 6 years

It is a nice toy to develop creativity among children

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2 Flying Start Magna Tiles 96 Pieces STEM Brain Development 3D Magnetic Tiles Construction Building Blocks

This is second one on our list. 96 pieces of varying shape like square, rectangle, triangle etc. These are large pieces which can be used to assemble different shapes.

So this is a simple yet challenging puzzle game which can instill lots of creative thinking, problem solving, pattern recognition etc in your child.

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3 Magnetic Blocks – 128 pcs Large Set & Storage Box – 3D Building Educational Toys for Boys and Girls – Great for 3+ Years Old Toddlers and Kids – Tiles with Innovative Build Magnets

This is third on our list. This is again one of the best selling magnetic toy. Comes in bright colors. There are various geometrical shaped tiles which can be used to create various shapes. Safe and durable toy is a good toy for 3+ year olds.

The only drawback is that this toy is a bit costly. But the quality of the material is worth the price and is long lasting. You can definitely give it a try.

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4 Castlebay SoudBMB Magic Building Ball Intelligence Development and Stress Relief Educational Stacking 3D Puzzle Toys (Silver, 3 mm) 

This is 4th on our list. The reason why it is here is that it offers endless possibilities of creativity.

These shining balls are quite attractive. It can keep your kid occupied for quite a long time. These can be formed in chains or sheets. Make attractive 2D or 3D shapes.

But a note of caution. These are small magnetic balls which needs to be kept away from kids as these can be a choking Hazard.

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5 Toyshine 60 Pcs Glow in Dark Magnetic Blocks, Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Magnetic Construction Set Educational Stacking Toys

This one is 5th on our list. The magnet is quite strong, the toy has a smooth edges, ie no sharpness and is very good for kids for all ages. However our recommendation is kids for 5+ years age.

The magnetic material is at the end of stick, helping them to stick them together, can be cleaned easily and stored easily. They made of material which also glows in dark. Can be a very good travel companion.

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6 Play Panda Brain Booster Type 1 (Junior) – 56 Puzzles Designed to Boost Intelligence – with Magnetic Shapes, Magnetic Board, Puzzle Book and Solution Book

This one is sixth one on our list. There are 56 puzzles designed to challenge the child. This is a brain booster toy. The makers of this toy claim that regular usage of this toy helps in improving the IQ.

This is a toy which is very suitable for kids 6+ years of age. They need to pick one pattern from the puzzle book and arrange the seven magnetic shapes to match the pattern.

Looks a simple puzzle game, but actually its very interesting.

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7  FunBlast Wooden Magnetic Alphabet Colorful Train

One of the perfect gift for 3 to 4 years old. This magnetic alphabet toy is actually a wooden train with colorful and magnetic alphabet A to Z on top. Bright colored, this toy is made up of quality wooden material. Fun activity for toddlers to keep them busy.

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Have you used magnetic toys before. Do you like our list. Do let us know your feedback!


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