Traditional Indian toys – a tradition to be cherished

Let us talk about traditional indian toys today. Toys has been part of every civilization. It’s just that with modern times, toys have become global and more modern in outlook. Today toys have also become more mechanized and battery operated. Today we look at toys from a more scientific angle, trying to establish the value it is … Read more

Wooden rattle toys for your little one – Cute and Safe alternative to plastic rattles

Looking for a safe and colorful alternative to plastic rattles for your little doll.. try wooden rattle toys. One the best and safe alternatives to plastic rattle toys! Jhun Jhuna – The traditional indian wooden rattle toy These traditional Indian toys also called as “Jhun Jhuna” in Hindi provide a safe alternative to plastic toys. … Read more

Traditional Indian Baby Walker

Do you still remember this toy from your childhood. My childhood days were spent in my village. Though I do not remember using it myself (of course how can I:)), but I have seen it lying at my home in my village and my grand mother used to tell me that I used it when … Read more

Gilli-Danda – The game we forgot!

During these festive season, I visited my village. I saw couple of kids playing a game which took me to my child hood.  During initial years of my childhood when I used to visit my home town and village we used to play this a lot. But over the years it seemed to have been … Read more