Does your kids has too many battery operated toys?

Does your kids has too many battery operated toys? Why this question? I read this somewhere – “Research shows that kids learn from play, not toys”. This statement got me thinking. It is a very relevant statement you see. Kids learn more by doing right? They learn most when they play with something which allows … Read more

LEGO – Endless possibilities!

Who doesn’t know about LEGO today. These toys are actually blocks, colourful blocks of various shaped and sizes which can be assembled into many different shapes. It is probably one of the best toys we have today and is popular everywhere in the world. These colourful block are fun …! LEGO is actually the name … Read more

Make kids laugh – Laughing and giggling toys

Do you have too many instructional conversation with your child? How many time you laugh in a day and more important how many times you make your kids laugh in a day? Who dosen’t like a giggling baby. And there is a reason you should be pushing you baby or kid to laugh more and more. Let … Read more

Eco Friendly Toys

Today there are lot of toy companies around the world manufacturing plastic toys. Though there are quality guidelines which already exists and all big brands follow it very seriously, there are lot of toys in market which are not manufactured according to set quality standards and can contain harmful chemicals which are common with goods … Read more

Some cool toy gifts for Christmas

Christmas is around, winter is there already and it has started becoming cold, kids are busy with their term examinations and soon they will have their Christmas holidays. So time for some good fun, outing and happiness. Let look at some good toy ideas for this Christmas. 1) Animal finger puppet from Kuhu Creations. Pretty … Read more