Mechanix Toys – A perfect gift for your little engineer!

Do you have a little engineer in your family? The most interesting thing for them is to assemble something and then de-assemble it. Let us look at Mechanix Toys! Mechanix toys have understood this quite well and there are many DIY sets from Mechanix which are quite interesting. These are a perfect gift for your … Read more

Special toys – Toys for kids with Auditory Processing Disorder

Special Toys – In one of our previous posts we have discussed about Auditory Processing Disorder.  This is a condition in which brain is not able to process the sound of information received from the ears. Today let us look at Special toys – Toys for kids with Auditory Processing Disorder. That is the kid … Read more

Top 5 Study Table for kids – Sleek, sturdy and modern best study table for kids

Study table for kids

Why to look for Study Table for kids? Academics are an essential part in the growth of a child. But it is very difficult to make them sit and study at one place. The kids generally have very short attention span. So as parents you will have to create such an environment for the child … Read more

Choosing toys for visually challenged kids

Toys for visually challenged kids : We always want to give our kids the best. There are kids who have special needs. There are many kids with conditions that leads to visual impairment, which may or may not be corrected. However, kids with visual impairment can still learn and develop like other normal kids. And … Read more

Wooden Phirki Toys – cute traditional spinning toy ( Firki Toys )

Phirki Toys also called as Firki Toys – Do you remember this toy? We are so much of a fan about modern spinning toys like BeyBlades, but there has been cool spinning toys in India traditionally and has been very popular. Examples are Phirki Toys ( Firki Toys ) , Lattu etc I have written … Read more

Jenga a family game – A fun game which never gets old or boring

This is interesting. A very simple game, but fun to play with the family. It is called as “Jenga”. Jenga – a family game, a never ending game, a game which never gets old along with you . A game which never gets boring. Let us talk about this nice game today! So what is … Read more

Toy Storage – How to choose Toy Storage for Kids Toys

toy storage for kids

Toy Storage: Kids are home these days, so it means playing the whole day. But this results in a mess over the whole place. Mom’s are generally the ones picking up after them. So to ease out the job you can use different kinds of toy storage. Also ask your kids to place toys in … Read more

Tricycle for kids – Best tricycle for 2 year old India – 2021 ( Review & Price)

Tricycle for kids

Tricycle for kids – Best tricycle for 2 year old India : It is super important for kids to play and have fun. When they do so they are learning. This is the way they understand the world and a tricycle is an important part of play activity during their initial years. Fortunately, kids love … Read more

Dinosaur Toys for kids – a must for have animal enthusiastic kids

Friends, welcome to – Dinosaur Toys for kids – a must for have animal enthusiastic kids! Is your kid an animal enthusiastic? If your answers to this question is yes and you don’t know anything about the dino’s, wait for couple of year for your little ones to grow. I am sure by the time … Read more

Best magnetic toys for 2021

to 10 magnetic toys

Easy to assemble and DIY type of toys, the magnetic toys can be one of the best gift for your child. These toys can easily keep the kids engaged for 2 to 3 hours and will keep them away from TV and mobile phones. We have tried a couple of magnetic puzzles with our little … Read more