Fundough Molly Dolly for your little princess


Fundough Molly Dolly – If you little one loves playing with dough, this is a cool toy to go for. Sold by FunSkool, this is a safe and interesting toy for your little princess.

So do try Fundough Molly Dolly today.

Fundough Molly Dolly kit comes with

  • Molly Dolly Extruder (1).
  • Braid Roller (1).
  • Dress Moulds (2).
  • Scissor (1).
  • Rolling Pin (1).
  • Crown Comb (1).
  • Mirror (pretend glass) (1)
  • Tub of Fundough. (approx. 150 gms.)
  • Glitter Fundough. (approx. 150 gms.)

Fundough Molly Dolly Highlights:

  • Fundoh fun pack – 12 pieces, ideal dough to create ample fun stories
  • Roll, mold and extrude lots of fun shapes and exciting creations with Fun Doh clay toys from Funskool. Unleash your creative juices to make vacations and leisure more magical while building confidence and pushing the imagination limit to the fullest. Create just about anything you can imagine with Fun Doh do-it-yourself clay toys
  • It includes 12 – 1 Oz Tubs
  • Not recommended for children below 3 years

Multi-Coloured Clay

The multi-coloured dough set comes in individual containers. The dough colours can be mixed to create new shades.

The clay comes in 12 vibrant colours, that enable the kids to make sculptures with mesmerising details. Each container has 25 grams of clay.

Enhances Imagination

This clay set is cleverly designed to enhance the child’s motor skills. It improves the shape, colour, and pattern recognition ability in kids.

The dough is extremely flexible, and it can be used to make almost anything. It is the perfect set that keeps your child occupied for hours

Child Safe

The fun pack is made with high grade non-toxic clay, that is child-safe. This clay has a soft texture. It can be a perfect gift for kids.

It exercises their brain and improves their hand-eye co-ordination. This dough set is ideal for kids of the age group 3 years and above.

There are many things which can keep your child engaged like creating and changing Molly Dolly’s hair colour and style.

It will just test your Childs imagination 🙂

She can even make her smart dough dresses using the moulds given and doll her up in them.

And to add that jazz sprinkle with a magical spray of glitter.

This is a very interesting dough toy. Do check it out!

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