Kathputli – the Puppet Play – Fun and learning together for kids

Puppets, Puppet Play or Puppetry, called as Kathputli in hindi, has been in existence from time immemorial and has existed across all parts of world and all cultures. There must be some good reason for it being so. May be humans have used puppets to express themselves to a wider audience in a more interesting … Read more

Wooden Phirki Toys – cute traditional spinning toy ( Firki Toys )

Phirki Toys also called as Firki Toys – Do you remember this toy? We are so much of a fan about modern spinning toys like BeyBlades, but there has been cool spinning toys in India traditionally and has been very popular. Examples are Phirki Toys ( Firki Toys ) , Lattu etc I have written … Read more

Wooden rattle toys for your little one – Cute and Safe alternative to plastic rattles

Looking for a safe and colorful alternative to plastic rattles for your little doll.. try wooden rattle toys. One the best and safe alternatives to plastic rattle toys! Jhun Jhuna – The traditional indian wooden rattle toy These traditional Indian toys also called as “Jhun Jhuna” in Hindi provide a safe alternative to plastic toys. … Read more

5 Best Wooden Toys – Simple and Effective

My child has always loved toys with a wooden texture and bright colors. wooden toys have been and around for thousands of years, they were in fact some of the earliest toys. Let us look at 5 Best Wooden Toys which you can get for your child and I am sure that he/she is going … Read more

3 traditional Indian board games (worldwide classic) – Very popular in their modern version

Do you know what is common between the popular board games – “Chess”, “Snake & Ladder” and “Ludo”. All the three popular board games trace their origin back to ancient India. These are Indian board games. Let us look, what these were called as. Updated: 24-Feb-2020 Popular Indian board games So friends below are ancient … Read more

Gilli-Danda – The game we forgot!

During these festive season, I visited my village. I saw couple of kids playing a game which took me to my child hood.  During initial years of my childhood when I used to visit my home town and village we used to play this a lot. But over the years it seemed to have been … Read more

Pithoo – Do you remember this game?


Pithoo – Do you remember this pithoo game? If yes, then you definitely had a nice time playing outside when you were child 🙂 What is pittu game – Other names of Pithoo Pithoo / Pittu also called as Lagori in Kannada is a very old, traditional Indian game or the verge of being forgotten. … Read more