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Gilli-Danda – The game we forgot!

During these festive season, I visited my village. I saw couple of kids playing a game which took me to my child hood.  During initial years of my childhood when I used to visit my home town and village we used to play this a lot. But over the years it seemed to have been forgotten. I am talking about Gilli-Danda 🙂


I did some reading on the game itself and found that contrary to my belief, this kind game has also been popular in older Europe apart from Indian subcontinent.

In India, its called as Gilli-Danda. In Nepal as well this game has been quite popular and is called as Dandi-Biyo. I was surprised that Spain had a similar game called as “Billarada”. In Poland its called as “Klipa”. In Russia it’s “Chizhik” and many more countries like Malasiya, Cuba, Mexico, Slovenia etc, this game has been played.

The game is quite simple though. Played using 2 simple instruments.. A long wodden stick called as “Danda” and A small slightly oval piece of wood called as “Gilli”.

As in cricket, the game is played between 2 teams. The player of one team used the “Danda” or the long wodden stick to flick the “Gilli” in air and hit is as far as possible. If the opposite team player is able to catch the “Gilli”, the hitter is considered as out.

If the “Gilli” is not caught by apposite team, the fielder of the team near to Gilli, gets a chance to hit the Danda (which is placed a the spot from where the gilli was launched) using the Gilli (just like what cricket fielders do). If the gilli hits the danda, the hitter (or the batsman in this context) is out else he gets one point.

Ok, that was the simplest form of the game which I have played, but there are some variations in different cultures where it is played.

But one thing is for sure, I really enjoyed watching it again. Wish we could back in our childhood for some time and enjoy few games like this we have loved and played !



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