Travelling with Kids – Try these wooden puzzles!

Summer is around the corner and school holidays are about to start. Many of us would have made plans to travel along with kids to either our home town or for a couple of days outing some where. One of the key challenge is to keep the child engaged. Specifically if they are in below 10 age brackets. Try wooden puzzles to keep them engaged.

Why wooden puzzle if travelling with kids?

A puzzle game is always a good time pass. It’s not just travel and can be a fun any time. But you need it for sure when you are in a long travel or long drive (which I am sure you will be in these holidays 🙂

There are many type of puzzles in the market. Many of them are plastic ones or made of cardboard. But have you looked the available wooden ones in the market.

One of the key consideration while buying a puzzle game for travel is that it should not have very small parts. For example if you are in a train and kids are playing with the game and any of the part falls down, it becomes difficult to find where it has gone and also its unhygienic. Also if you are in a long drive, it again makes sense to give kids the puzzle with large parts so that the pieces do not get lost in the small pockets in the car if it falls down.

Below are some wooden puzzles which you can try…

Shalinindia Handmade Indian Wood Jigsaw Puzzle Wooden Toys for Kids

A nice puzzle with large blocks. Durable and is made from good quality wood.

Wigano Kid’s Wooden Puzzle Pedagogical Brain Teaser Board

Now try this 4 in one puzzle game set made of nice quality wood. Rounded edges make it safe for kids.

Skywalk Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

And if you have a small baby, you can try this ..

Zitto Premium Wooden Shapes Educational Puzzle Toy

Hope you will like above toys ..

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Have a happy travel ..

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