Mechanix Toys – A perfect gift for your little engineer!

Do you have a little engineer in your family? The most interesting thing for them is to assemble something and then de-assemble it. Let us look at Mechanix Toys! Mechanix toys have understood this quite well and there are many DIY sets from Mechanix which are quite interesting. These are a perfect gift for your … Read more

Toy Review-Taf Toys All in One Baby Car Toy for your princess!

Trying to find a perfect toy for your little angel while travelling in car? This is something good which you can try, the All in One Baby Car Toy. Taf Toys All in One Baby Car Toy We have increasing acceptance of car seats (for babies) in India now. Car seats are safer and hence … Read more

Jenga a family game – A fun game which never gets old or boring

This is interesting. A very simple game, but fun to play with the family. It is called as “Jenga”. Jenga – a family game, a never ending game, a game which never gets old along with you . A game which never gets boring. Let us talk about this nice game today! So what is … Read more

Squigz- A unique toy for 3 years

Looking for a unique toy for 3 year old child? Looking fto gift a child a very simple, yet a unique toy which has immense benefits. If your answer to above is all YES, the you should try Squigz! So what is Squigz? Squigz is a set of small pieces . And these pieces can … Read more

Einstein Box – Early Learning Program for 1 to 6 year olds

Einstein Box

Books, Toys, Activity sets are all very much important during kids early stage of life. Einstein Box is one such concept which we will talk about today STEM Toys are the Learning and education toys and are an important concept today which helps kids engage with key educational skills while still having fun. What are … Read more

5 Surprise Mini Brands from ZURU

5 surprise mini brand tosy

The 5 surprise Mini brands are one of the 5 surprise range of collectible toys. Each box in this range of toys contain five different themed miniature toys. So in box you will find 5 capsules. Depending upon the theme of the box each capsule will have a miniature toy which will be a replica of one of the leading brands or a super hero. So it can be a great present, a birth day gift for your little one. The recommended age for this toy is 4+ years.

Toy review – Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire

Friends, are you looking for a small pocket gun for your little one. Today we review Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire. A perfect toy for your little one or a perfect birthday gift for little heros. Welcome to this article of toy review – Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire – blue and green. This is a nice … Read more