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Geometry for kids – A fun way to teach Geometry to kids – Kitki three sticks maths game

Kitki three sticks maths game – You want to gift your 8 year old a toy which can also help him/her learn something?

While searching through I found an interesting board game which I would like to share here.

This board game is called as “Kitki Three Sticks Maths Game“.

Kitki three sticks maths game is a fun and challenging family board game that will captivate kids (and even adults) with the wonders of geometry.

Sticks of three different lengths – 3, 4, and 5 units – are used in the game. Try to make geometric forms with these.

You gain points based on the size and type of shape. Does it appear to be straightforward? That’s not the case.

To begin with, you do not get to choose the sticks; they are chosen at random. Second, each turn only allows you to utilize two sticks!

It’s impossible to make a shape using only two sticks. As a result, you must use both of your sticks, as well as any others that the other players may have placed on the board. This is where the game becomes quite inventive.

Quite a creative game, its not only interesting to kids of that age, but also to adults in the family. It’s a nice family game!

So the game consists of sticks of 3 different length types and each player can place 2 sticks on the board, next to an already  existing stick. The geometrical shape they form decides the points they earn.

The game includes a fully illustrated rules book to fully understand how to play 3 sticks.

Kitki three sticks maths game Develops Curiosity and Creativity

Each turn requires only two sticks. But there are still so many options. Which sticks should you use? What should I do with them? What shapes are formed as a result of the process? Which one is the most rewarding in terms of points?

Kitki three sticks maths game improves Spatial Awareness

The game allows you to exhibit your imagination by creating forms ranging from triangles to decagons.

Continue to play, and within a few days, you will be able to recognize how any complex shape may be represented as a mixture of simple shapes, allowing you to calculate the area of any shape without having to rely on your memory to memorize formulas and shortcuts.

Kitki three sticks maths game – Video how to play

There is a video on youtube.

It’s a nice board game, a bit different from other board games or puzzles, but can be a nice birthday gift for your child or other children.

Do check them out and let us know your feedback!

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