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Science Toys – Top 20 STEM toys for kids you should buy in 2020

Selecting toys for kids is a very big responsibility. It has to be carried out carefully. You cannot just buy any random toy for them and hand it over. Kids these days are very inquisitive and want to learn a lot very fast. So as a parents you must chose a toy which shall help them in their growth, not just physical but cognitive and emotional as well. There is a term known as Science toys or STEM toys. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related toys.

Why Science Toys?

These kindle the creativity of the child and help encourage them to solve the problems on their own rather than come up to you each time. It will make them independent in decision making and developing things. It will also help them in future and it generates interest in Science and related discipline. Who knows you are seeing a future space scientist 🙂

These skills will help the child in his future as he/ she explores and examines toys to resolve his curiosity.

Lets us look at some best STEM toys and Science toys for kids in India.

Top 20 Science toys and STEM toys for Kids

Here are a few suggestions of such STEM toys:

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit:

this kit includes 30 pieces which can snap together to form real electrical circuits without actual soldering required. Kids of age 8 and above can use it safely and later these can be upgraded as per the need by added additional tools with age and requirement.

Anki Cosmo

this is a small robot which helps kids learn all about coding with the help of blocks which are inclusive with it. It can recognise faces and names.

Ozobot Bit Coding Robot

This is also a robot which helps kids learn coding with the help of markers which come with it. Kids can actually write down commands for this robot to follow and then move on to learning coding for more tedious jobs.

Magna-Tiles, 100-Piece Set

there are 100 pieces of building blocks with magnetic properties making it easy to stack. They come in different shapes and sizes. The clear color makes them really attractive and when light passes through them kids are really delighted to see their own creation. As the number is huge there are many possibilities of end results. Safe for 3 years and above.

Goldie Blox and the Dunk Tank

this is a construction toy set which comes with parts that kids can use to make dunk tank. Safe for girls above 4 years.

4M Water Rocket Kit

it is a kit for the kids to create a rocket of their own which can go as high as 90 feet in the air. All the kids will need is a plastic bottle rest is given in the kit.

Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

it is a spy based kit. Helps kids know more about things like DNA, figure print matching, spy powders and decoding special coded messages.

Osmo Genius Kit

this game is basically played on the ipad along with physical pieces to solve spelling, counting and drawing related problems.

Fisher Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

coding for kids as young as 3. This caterpillar has sections designed to go in a certain direction, kids can re-arrange it to change the final direction as a result learning the basics of coding.

Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

this set allows kids to make their own board games and have fun. Age 8 to 13 will enjoy the most.

Hape Dynamo Kid’s Wooden Domino Set

it is a wooden domino set with over 100 pieces and special features like bridge, bells and other tricks to be done by the kids.

Tactbit Cubes

these are small blocks which have magnet and snap together. The best part is that they change colour when they are twisted and direction is changed. The end results will be so colourful and amazing.

Think Fun Gravity Maze

this set comes with 60 different levels. It is actually a path for rolling of marbles, but the game is very engaging. For kids 8 and above.

Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game

this is great for maths skills. The kids roll two number dice and another one with math symbols. The kids solve the equation to go ahead.

4M Crystal Growing Experiment

this is a cool crystal growing set for kids aged 12 and above. Different combinations will create different types of crystals each time.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

this is a kids version of the real one. It can enlarge up to 8 times and comes with big knobs for kids to handle. Safe for age 3 and above.

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

this is good for understanding physics. For age 12 and above. Pieces have been cut out and instructions provided to construct the catapult and make it functional.

Kinetic Sand

it oozes and melts and it not like the one on the beach. But the special feature is that it stands shape when pressed hard. It can be used by kids for various activities. Safe for age 3 and above.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy

this is a 24 piece set to learn about different systems in the human body. Great for the inquisitive children. Safe for age 3 and above.

Crayola Color Chemistry Set for Kids

this is a great activity kit for the kids as they can create their own volcanoes and tornadoes. They will learn all the science behind these phenomena’s in a playful manner. The colourful liquids make it even more attractive to the kids.

There are so many good toys out there. The choice is really difficult. You must look for the inclination of your child before you gift him a toy. Try to ask them what they want indirectly before purchasing. Also always be age specific as young ones tend to swallow toys with small parts so please be very careful. Also when the kid unwraps and tries in the beginning be around so as to guide them if they face any difficulty with the instructions. If kids go wrong the first time they tend to hate that certain toy, which might not be good. Be their playmate.

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