Microscope Toy : Talking electronic microscope – microscope for kids

Microscope Toy (microscope for kids) – Today we bring you another cool educational toy from the market. If your child is interested in science this is definitely going to help him/her. We ae talking about “Talking Electronic Microscopes”. This Microscope Toy is suitable for kids in the range of 3 to 8 years old. This is not … Read more

Abacus – How important it is for kids

Many of us would have seen kids going for Abacus classes. So What is Abacus? Why it is important? What benefit it can give to our kids?  We have taken this toy (which is actually an educational tool, but has become an educational toy now) for our review today. What is Abacus? Simply put, it is … Read more

LEGO – Endless possibilities!

Who doesn’t know about LEGO today. These toys are actually blocks, colourful blocks of various shaped and sizes which can be assembled into many different shapes. It is probably one of the best toys we have today and is popular everywhere in the world. These colourful block are fun …! LEGO is actually the name … Read more