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Abacus – How important it is for kids

Many of us would have seen kids going for Abacus classes. So What is Abacus? Why it is important? What benefit it can give to our kids? 

We have taken this toy (which is actually an educational tool, but has become an educational toy now) for our review today.


What is Abacus?

Simply put, it is a tool which is used for calculation. It is a very ancient tool. That is, it has been in use from historical times. It is a manual tool, which consist of sticks and beads.  It has been in use for basic calculations across the world. Almost every civilization has some evidence of its usage.

So why is used to teach children?

Two very simple reasons. First we want every child to develop the basic calculations skills early on and second it’s one of the most simple calculation tools out there. So it is very easy for kids to learn it. It is also fun for them as it looks like a toy or can be given any toy shape combined with sticks and beads making them an excellent learning aid. With attractive colors these toys become more interesting. Kids like them and love to play with them. And hence it becomes learning along with fun!

Why do we want kids to learn Abacus?

Abacus is a brain stimulator. It puts pressure on the brain. Though it performs basic calculation it would need the child to think and remember.

So in a way using abacus helps a kid in:

  • Improves concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Improves the basic calculation skills

Learning to use Abacus is not difficult. You can teach basics yourselves.  There are many videos available on you tube which you can refer to. I like one below. It’s a simple 2 min video which gives a nice introduction.

Then there are many trainers who train kids on Abacus. You can make you kid join these classes.  There are some specialized training companies in this area. For example check mastermindabacus.com

So next time if you see an Abacus. Do try to get one for your kid. I can be a very nice learning tool for him/her.

What do you feel? Please do send us your comments!

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