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YOYO – A toy for all ages

YOYO –  A toy for all ages, we all would have seen this toy at every toy store/section. It has a phenomenal success as toy for all age groups. In-fact it is popular among adults as well.


YOYO has been in use in many cultures for long, well in different forms. The simplest you see today is of 2 disks, round of elliptical shape connected via an axle. Then there is a string tied and looped around the axle. This is the basic form of the toy which has been in use from older times.

YOYO is not a new toy. It has been around for more than 2500 years. It is considered as one of the oldest toys of the world. It is said that Greeks used these toys a lot, with the pictured of gods painted on the disks. From there this toy moved to Europe and now it is a craze all over the world.

This toy has achieved a “Wonder Toy” status.

But YOYO’s come in different shapes and sizes. There are various tricks kids can do with the toy and shape and size affects what kids can do with it. Now a days YOYO toys come in plastic, metal and even wood.

There are YOYO for various ages. For example YOYO slidling duck. In Yo Yo Sliding Duck, the duck requires a little push. As kids push it a music plays. It is appropriate for small ages. It has rattles which makes sound. Kids push and pull it improving their cognitive skills. The light weight toy is suitable for children above 3 months who can have fun with the music and movement of the toy.

YOYO - A toy for all ages

YOYO is a nice toy for kids. It helps in development of fine motor skills,  hand-eye coordination.

What is your feedback on YOYO, please let us know!

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