Kids with special needs – Toys for kids with ADHD

In one of our previous posts we have talked about ADHD. ADHD also called as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a disorder of the nervous system. You can read more about ADHD in our previous post here. Toys for Kids with ADHD Today let us talk about the toy needs for kids with ADHD. Kids … Read more

Down Syndrome in Kids

Continuing further in our section on kids with special needs, we talk about Down Syndrome today. What is down syndrome? It is abnormality from birth. It is a chromosomal abnormality which means that a the individual has an extra 21st chromosome. Instead of 2 there are 3 of them. This extra chromosome affects the individuals … Read more

What is Auditory processing disorder (APD) in kids.

Continuing further in our section on kids with special needs, today we will talk about APD. It is also known as CAPD (Central auditory processing disorder), is a hearing problem.   This is a condition in which brain is not able to process the sound of information received from the ears. That is the kid … Read more

Autism in kids.

We have dedicated a special section to kids with special needs. Today we are going to discuss about Autism. In our next blogs we will discuss about toy needs for kids with Autism. What is Autism? Also called as ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a medical condition. It is a neurobehavioral condition¬†which affects general … Read more