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Down Syndrome in Kids

Continuing further in our section on kids with special needs, we talk about Down Syndrome today.


What is down syndrome? It is abnormality from birth. It is a chromosomal abnormality which means that a the individual has an extra 21st chromosome. Instead of 2 there are 3 of them. This extra chromosome affects the individuals physical as well as cognitive development.

This condition is also called as Trisomy 21. The medical condition arising out of this vary from individual to individual. Some may have less difficulty leading a normal while some need a lot of medical attention.

Can this be prevented? Since this is a genetic condition, it cannot be prevented, but it can be detected before birth. This can help parents become more mentally prepared to handle the situation. It is said that the risk of down syndrome increases with mothers age.  However this is not very conclusively establish.

There are some extensive resources on internet which can be referred to.

In our next post we will cover toys for kids with down syndrome.



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