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Outdoor toy ideas this holiday season

Christmas is around the corner and we have kids vacation coming up.

Lets looks at some great outdoor toys ideas for kids during this holiday season. Lets motivate our kids to go out and do some physical activity instead of sitting at home and watching TV and Playing video games on mobile and laptop.

Below are 5 cool toys to bring home this holiday season.

Kids Friendly Archery Set

Is your kid a archery enthusiast or may be not! Why not give them a chance in any case. Give them a archery set and let them enjoy. For smaller kids there are many kids friendly archery sets available on internet. These are enough to fuel their imagination.  But do make sure that they are kids friendly. For example the one below Sunshine 28 Inches Archer Toy on Amazon.in has Suction Dart Arrows.

bow-arrwaIf you see you kids developing interest in archery and may become a professional archer, try buying good archery sets from stores like decathlon.in

Sidewalk Surfer Skates

Skating shoes are quite popular in India, but Surfer Skates boards are also a good option specially for kids with 6+ years of age.  It is a action sport which involves performing tricks using skate board. This is now gaining popularity here.  You should make sure that you buy some good skating accessories like knee guards etc with it. You can buy some good skatebaords from below. warehouseskateboards.com,   Amazon.in, Snapdeal.com etc.


Kids play house

This is one which kids like a lot. They can play by themselves or with other kids. But make sure that you buy the Vinyl one. A good dimension like 40″ X 40″ will be good. It is a good outdoor toy (though can be used indoors as well) which can be used during picnics and small outings. Ideal for kids with 2+ years.




Not for smaller kids,  but this definitely is something which you should not give a miss. I am sure you would have flown a kite during your child hood. It can be a very good social tool which helps bringing family and friends together and give this as a challenge to kid. As them to make or collect various kinds of them and encourage them to take part in kite competitions.


Grow ‘n Up 5-in-1 Activity Clubhouse for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This is one nice toy available on internet. It has benches for indoor and outdoor sitting, has multiple games and activities.

To check click here.


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