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Kids with special needs – Toys for kids with ADHD

In one of our previous posts we have talked about ADHD. ADHD also called as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a disorder of the nervous system.

You can read more about ADHD in our previous post here.

ADHD toys

Toys for Kids with ADHD

Today let us talk about the toy needs for kids with ADHD.

Kids with this adhd, get easily distracted, have difficulty in paying attention, difficulty in following instructions, difficulty to sit at one place, hyperactive, day dream, impulsive, restless etc.

Hence any type of toy which helps address these problems are best fit.

The toy should encourage the kid to stay put for long i.e the toy should be able to generate sufficient interest so that the kid is able to devote some time and is not distracted.

Also the toy needs to be simple.

A complex toy may force them to loose interest early.

So the key is – “A simple toy which can generate interest”. 

Points to consider for ADHD Toys

So lets quickly cover some points which you should remember.

Simple Toys:

As I mentioned before a simple toy which can generate interest.

A complex toy will make the kid to loose interest. A simple toy will help your kid to keep up his/her imagination. For example give them clay to play.

A clay is a simple playing tool which can me made into various shapes using his/her imagination.

Short Games:

Since kids with ADHD have trouble focusing on one thing, they find difficult to complete lengthy tasks and hence loose interest.

This in turn frustrates the kids and they loose confidence. Hence it is important to keep this important point in mind.

For example buy them puzzles which has big and fewer blocks. Similarly building block toys should be simple with fewer blocks and less complex construction.

That is it should not take much time to complete the task.

Lot of physical activity and games:

Such kids are hyperactive and hence they have lots of energy.

What can be better than outdoor games in such case. Give them football or a cricket kit or a skipping rope.

Toys which complement their interest:

It is very important that you read you kids interest and build upon that interest.

If you kids like cycling, give him/her a tricycle and take him/her out as much as possible. She/he should enjoy what (s)he is doing.

I feel that ADHD is not that a problem though it is classified as disorder. Kids with ADHD have more curious mind and are hyperactive.

And there are different kids with varying degree of such characteristics. Hence if managed well and with proper training such kids do as well as other kids.

Do you have any comments or suggestions. Please do let us know!


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