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The kind peacock - kids moral stories

The kind Peacock – Kids moral Story

The kind Peacock kids moral story : Once upon a time in the village of Kangwada, there lived a man called as Bhagwant.

He lived with his big family – his old mother, wife and four children.
He used to make wooden toys and sell them in the market.

Since his childhood, he had a old peacock friend which lived in a jungle near by.

The peacock used to dance and entertain him whenever he was upset.

One day after selling his toys, Bhagwant was roamng in the city. Suddenly he saw something very beautiful kept in a shop.

He was attracted by its shine and beauty and thought of buying it to surprise his wife. He asked the shop keeper for the price.

When the shopkeeper told the price of the item, Bhagwant found it to be very costly.

The shopkeeper mentioned that the cost of the item was high becuase it was made up of peacock feathers.

Bhagwant realized how beautiful and expensive peacock feathers are.

So he decided to sell peacock feathers so that he can earn a lot of money and become rich.

Delighted by this new idea, Bhagwant soon remembered about his peacock friend in the jungle.

He thought that his peacock friend will help him out by sharing his feathers.

Bhagwant soon rushed to the jungle to meet his friend.

The peacock was very happy to see his friend after a long time. But Bhangwant made a sad face.

The peacock asked Bhagwant that why he looked so much worried. Bhagwat said –

” Oh dear friend, I am having a very tough time these days and hence I am so depressed.”

“As you know I make wodden toys and sell them in the city. I had borrowed some money from my friend to make these toys. But I could not sell them and now my friend is asking back his money.

I dont know how to repay him and also I should I arrange money so that I can buy some food for my family.”

The peacock felt very sad hearing this and asked – How can I help you my friend?

Bhagwant greedily asked the peacock to give him some of his beautiful feathers and save him from trouble. Bhagwant told the peacock that his feathers are very precious and if he sells them in market he can earn some good money.

He can use this money to repay his debt and also buy food for his family.

The peacock happily agreed on this and allowed Bhagwant to cut his feathers and take them to market to sell them.

Bhagwat was quite happy and overwhelmed by peacock’s help. The next day he went to market and sold these feathers on a higher price.

With the money he bought expensive clothes, food and sweet for his family.

Soon Bhagwant because very lazy and stopped working. He thought that he has enough money and doesn’t need to work any more.

But soon all Bhagwants money got over and his family became poor again. Clever Bhagwant once again thought of asking the left over feather from his peacock friend.

So he went again to the jungle to meet his friend and peacock was very happy to see his friend once again. But Bhagwant pretended to be sad.

The peacock again asked him the reason of his sadness.
So clever Bhagwant again made up a story. He said – “Oh dear friend, last week when I was coming back after selling my toys, a group of robbers attacked me and looted all my money.

I and my family again have become very poor and do not have anything to eat. So if you give me some more of your feathers, it will be of great help”.

Hearing the sad story of Bhangwant, his friend peacock agreed to shed some more feathers.

But Bhagwant was greedy. He thought why not to kill the peacock and take all his feathers for selling in the market.

Bhagwant became very greedy and planned to kill his peacock friend. So Bhangwant mercilessly killed his friend and took all his fathers and went to market to sell them.

He sold it for good money and was very happy that with his cleverness became so rich.

But when he was coming back after selling the feathers and was passing through the jungle, a group of robbers attacked him and looted all his money.

Bhagwant finally got the reward of his greed and cheating .

Bhagwant was poor again!

Moral of story: Greed and deceit always costs heavy!

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