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The Poisonous Lake

The Poisonous Lake – Kids Moral Story

The Poisonous Lake ( kids moral story ) : Once upon a time, there was a village in Anantpur. A very big lake, Anandam, was there on the outskirts of the village. The lake was always filled with fresh and clear water.

The water of that lake was very poisonous. Whoever drank it or bathed in it either died or become unconscious. So no villagers used to visit that lake. So it was believed that the lake was cursed.

But those who came to the village for the first time did not know about the poisonous water of the lake. If they touched water they fell seriously ill.

Surrounded by that lake was a dense forest through which there was a way to reach the village. Five dacoits lived in that forest. These clever dacoits used to kill and rob any traveler who passed through that forest. One day a dacoit heard about the poisonous lake. He told it to his fellow dacoits.

Hearing the news, the chief of the dacoits got an evil idea. He said ” Till now we have used guns and knives to kill people, But now anyone who comes here we would guide him to the poisonous lake. And we would rob them without being caught.”

All the dacoits agreed to the plan and started looting the travelers in that way.

Soon, the news of and the robbery in the village reached the king. He sent his minister, Bhanu, to find out the truth. Bhanu was a very wise man. He reached the village along with his soldiers. Bhanu enquired the villagers about the robberies and killings in the forest. “We did not rob and kill anybody, we do not know anything” replied all the villages.

While returning to the capital, one of the soldiers stopped near the poisonous lake. He was very tried and wanted to drink some fresh water. Bhanu thought for a while and looked around to see the forest near the lake.

He asked his soldier to wait. He then immediately went back to the village and asked the villagers about the lake. They informed Bhanu about the poisonous water of the lake.

Thus, Bhanu and his soldiers were saved from drinking the poisonous water. The soldiers were very impressed with Bhanu’s wisdom. One enquired – ” Sir what made you think that the water of this lake is not fit for drinking. The water looks so clean and fresh”.

Bhanu replied – ” my dear friend, if this water was so fresh and pure then why we did not find any one around it. I understood that some dacoits were asking the new visitors to drink water from the poisonous lake. Once they became unconscious, the dacoits robbed all their money.”

Bhanu went back and informed the king. The king ordered to build a wall around the lake so that no human and animal could go near it.

Moral of Story The Poisonous Lake – We must think twice before we act.

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