दयालु मोर बच्चों की नैतिक कहानी (The kind Peacock kids moral story ) – एक समय की बात है, कांगवाड़ा गांव में भगवंत नाम का एक व्यक्ति रहता था। वह अपने बड़े परिवार – अपनी बूढ़ी मां, पत्नी और चार बच्चों के साथ रहता था। वह लकड़ी के खिलौने बनाकर […]

Moorakh Mittar – Panchtantra Story – मूर्ख मित्र की कहानी किसी राजा के राजमहल में एक बन्दर सेवक के रुप में रहता था । वह राजा का बहुत विश्वास-पात्र और भक्त था । अन्तःपुर में भी वह बेरोक-टोक जा सकता था । एक दिन जब राजा सो रहा था और […]

The kind Peacock kids moral story : Once upon a time in the village of Kangwada, there lived a man called as Bhagwant. He lived with his big family – his old mother, wife and four children. He used to make wooden toys and sell them in the market. Since […]

The Poisonous Lake ( kids moral story ) : Once upon a time, there was a village in Anantpur. A very big lake, Anandam, was there on the outskirts of the village. The lake was always filled with fresh and clear water. The water of that lake was very poisonous. […]

The foolish Monkey – The moral of the story is that you should not believe on anyone with out understanding the facts. The foolish monkey Once upon a time ,there was a monkey who lived in a big jungle . One day ,while he was sitting on a tall tree […]

Kids Moral Story The Clever Wolf – In the jungle of Rampur, there lived a wild and cunning wolf named Ganzoora. He was very cunning in nature. For years, he ate the animals which he cleverly hunted for his food. But, now Ganzoora had become very old and weak with age. His eyesight had become weak. He found it difficult to chase and run after his prey. He remained hungry for several days.

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