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Picture books for preschoolers – Why childrens picture book are so important?

Picture books for preschoolers – Kids love stories.. We love telling all good stories to them 🙂 As they grow little bit and start recognizing pictures, these childrens picture book can become a very important learning tools for them. Kids love art..drawing and making craft ..

Just give them a piece a paper and color pencils and it can keep them occupied for hours. Hence they love pictures and get attracted towards them..

How childrens picture book & picture story for kids help?

Lets see how childrens picture book and picture story for kids book can help the kid

Picture books for preschoolers – An Introduction to books and reading.

Pictures books probably can be your kids first introduction to reading and there are very good picture books which can help them understand lets say shape, color, animals, fruits etc.

childrens picture book

Childrens Picture books also form their first learning tool. If you are a parent to a grown up child, I am very sure that you would have bought a nice picture book for him/her. Helping them learn alphabets, or various animals fruits etc. The point I am trying to make is that you did that with out even realizing that it is probably one of the first and most important learning tool and this is what I want to emphasize here.

Childrens Picture books helps in Brain development.

During early years a child’s mind is trying to grasp and understand everything around and picture books give them the brain food which baby needs. Help in developing the brain.

childrens picture book

Childrens Picture books help Develop speaking ability.

When we tell the child about the picture and repeat them repeatedly, he/she will try to remember it and speak it out. It helps child develop the words around that picture object.

Picture story for kids – An Introduction to story telling.

Picture story for kids can be a wonderful way to introduce your kids to reading stories. But it dosen’t stop here. When they read stories, they also try to create one and who knows when they grow up, they become one of those famous writers whom we all love to read!

Childrens Picture books Increasing curiosity

Generally Childrens Picture books are nicely printed with attractive colors and hence they attract kids. And simple reason for it is that it is meant for kids. Now all bright colors increase curiosity in kids. The colors which they like attracts them more to know

childrens picture book

Picture books for preschoolers – improve Hand and eye coordination.

Since kids also get involved physically, like turning pages etc, it increases the hand to eye coordination of kids. These simple things like turning pages, touching a picture etc are some much learning for kids at that age. It might look a simple task, but these are some big learning steps for a 2 year old child.


yes, it involves almost the usage of all senses

  • The child looks at the picture
  • He/She will hear the words when you speak out
  • Touches the books
  • Tries to match the patterns to the words
  • etc

We hope above a some compelling reasons for you to get one for you kid.. do write back to us with your comments/suggestions!

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