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top 10 educational website for kids

Top 10 Educational Website for kids

Looking for Educational Website for kids ? In the tough times that we all have been confined to our homes, the kids are having a tough time.

They have so much of energy which needs to be channelized in a proper way. It is easy for the kids to get involved into mischievous activities.

Also the schools have been closed. The kids are managing to get physical activity by one way or the other but their brains need workout too.

So let us look at some good learning websites for kids.

Why to look at Educational Website for kids ?

Kids can do learning at home as well. Though they are not really interested in reading physical books, you can take help of learning websites for kids.

This shall lead to their cognitive development under parental guidance. Most of the sites are safe as the content is designed especially for the kids and they can be left alone with a laptop, phone or tablet while you finish your work.

Here are a few suggestions of such sites which can help you train and teach your child. It is similar to home schooling.

They might need your help once in a while but mostly the apps are age specific and engaging. Kids love the animation and interaction. A few also allow video chat so that the child is under supervision of a teacher while doing the activity.

List of Kids Educational Websites

Here are our list of top 10 learning websites for kids

National geographic Kids:

This is first on my list of Educational Website for kids.

Website link: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/

It is totally free. This gives access to breathtaking photography and videos. There are in-depth reports about wildlife and different cultures of the world. There are numerous high definition tools for visual learning.

There are photos, maps and facts about each element in detail. The child is always interested and engaged in this format. The reading has been simplified for middle school kids from class 2 and above.

The animal section has been further bifurcated on the basis of type of animal or their habitat. There are games for the kids to revamp the information.

It is easy to use for the kids themselves. Only very young kids may be a little disturbed by the videos of feeding by predators, parents please be sure to be around.


This cool website is second on my list of top 10 Educational Website for kids.

website link: http://www.readwritethink.org/

This is another free online app which caters to classes 1 up to 12. There are lessons and reading and writing activities for the kids according to the age.

It has content verified by IRA(international reading association) and NCTE(national council of teachers of English). There are videos for kids to see and different subject have been covered in a well effective manner.

Subjects like science, maths, history, English and art can be found here. There are printable worksheets for the kids too. And there are flash card games and widgets games. Kids can safely be left alone with this app for a long time.


Website Link: https://learnzillion.com/p/

this is a free app for the subjects like maths and English mainly. Material from class 1 to 12 is available. It is a collaboration of short video based teaching style followed by practice problems and writing work. Slides are there for presentation based lessons too.

To help kids there are hints and examples. To make it interesting there are multiple questions for revision. This app builds up on the previous knowledge of the child and starts from there.

So the child is comfortable and this manner it can be customized for each child. The pace of the course is also set according to the child.

PBS kids and Math games

This is another good learning websites for kids.

Website Link : https://pbskids.org/games/math/

These are also free apps for the classes upto 8. They mostly focus on Mathematics and clear the topics and doubts in the form of games, puzzles and videos.


Website Link: https://www.babytv.com/

It is a very safe option for the very young ones. These little ones have no routine and can stay up till late hours. This app has 24×7 shows to keep your kids engaged.

Khan academy

Website Link: https://www.khanacademy.org/

This is an app for those who like to have a school like approach. It is free but sticks to the course. Mostly using traditional ways of teaching. It is free and can be used several times. Subjects covered are mathematics, humanities, science, economics and computer programming.


Quite good learning websites for kids, focused on education in India.

This is a site specially designed for the class 10 and 12 students of CBSE and ICSE boards both as they will need special attention for the boards coming up ahead. There are loads of exam tips and full syllabus has been covered.

Subjects mainly focused are commerce, science and arts. A set of practice papers has been uploaded too for the kids to self asses themselves.


Website Link: https://www.pitara.com/

It is a website for children below 13/ the format has very good animation and kids activities, games science experiments and much more. For later you can download magazines and fiction books and stories.


This is for the serious students who want to excel in academics. There is material related to not only CBSE and ICSE abut also for classes and exams further more up to graduation level.

Rest there are many paid options

BYJU’s, smart classes, Edx, meritnation, vidya online and many more. These are all paid and need subscription.

They have course material for the kids and downloadable format too. The teaching is done by videos and live online teachers too.

The kids can ask the teacher for help whenever they feel the need. The course pace is set according to the child’s understanding.

\The course material can be repeated over and over. Also there are tests time and again to see how much the child has understood or not.

Now the schools have been closed for a long time all kids need to be engaged into learning process.

You can select according to the level of the child and keep them busy. Also this new method is here to stay.

Even when the schools re-open; these links can work as support to the ongoing classes. The animation and stories based learning is very effective for the students.

There are follow up for the kids which can be done offline as well and can be downloaded. Also the printable material keeps the kids off the screen and in touch with using pen and paper.

But please do have a look at these learning websites for kids.. They are really helpful in keeping kids engaged and also learn!

Happy learning for the kids!

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