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Baby Shusher – Does you baby has difficulty in sleeping – Try this Susher!

Have came across this recently and thought of sharing this. It is a US based company which has this product called as “Baby Shusher” which is also available in India on websites like Amazon and FlipKart.

Baby shusher sleep miracle soother

It is said that the product is designed to make sure that it has a natural calming affect on your baby, calming him/her down. Also helps in baby sleep. also know as baby shusher sleep miracle soother

Baby shusher website (official)

The product looks as below:

Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher Product details:

  • SLEEP SOOTHER: It uses a real human voice, which makes the baby to sleep with a calming shush and thus freeing up your precious time.
  • SLEEP AID: The machine has timers and 15 to 30-minute timers can assure long shushing sessions. This will help the baby sleep even if he or she is restless a lot.
  • ADJUSTABE VOLUME: You can adjust the volume. There is adjustable volume control which helps your baby get to sleep without disturbing others which is a quite nice feature.
  • OTHER BABY SHUSHER FEATURES: Portable and hence can be carried anywhere, easy-to-use design make is very easy to use, removable wrist strap , and comes with 2 AA batteries . You do need to change the batteries once they are over, but you can always buy rechargeable batteries for this purpose.
  • QUALITY: Made from BPA-Free material. Durable and long lasting and is easy to clean.

You can also look at their website https://babyshusher.com/, they also have a app which can be downloaded.

As per the website of this unique product, this product uses a real human voice to lull the baby to sleep with a calming slush.

In reality, these sounds, which may seem harsh initially, are very soothing for an infant.

Revolutionary tool – easily soothes fussy baby from the happiest baby on the block timing choices with rhythmic shush sound parenting strategy – 15 to 30 minutes with and user-controlled sound makes a perfect gift ideal for newborn and up.

The product is made up of BPA free material and is easy to clean.

The product offers to solve this unique problem and the price of this product is on higher side. But if affordability is not an issue this can be a worthy try.

Have you used this product? Do feedback your comments.


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