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Toy Phones – What to check before buying – Best toy phones!

Though I do not suggest giving kids smartphone, but kids smartphones are different. Rather than being a phone, they are actually more of a learnning and music gadget. So let us look at toy phones and what to check before buying these kids toy phone.

Toy mobile phone with touch screen

Toy mobile phone are generally a kids toy phone shaped gadget which is quite bright in color and has touch screen / or regular buttons.

Every press of button on these toy phones, play a music and if it a touch screen, the icons will play out a music or some pre loaded videos’.

check out some more toy mobile phone with touch screen

If you go on market there are lots of toy phones available.

Branded ones are costly, but there are many un branded ones which comes very cheap.

Do you know that these gadgets may offer a health hazard. Hence look for below before you buy them.

What to look before buying toy phone?

Check out these guidelines before buying a toy phone. Let me know if you do not agree with below!

Sound Hazard:

There are possible hazards due to sound levels emitted by such toys.

Under european laws there are acoustic limits which has been set for such toys so that they do not damage the hearing of child.

All the un-branded toys may not follow such specifications. Hence do check this before buying.


The plastic material in the gadget can be a concern if it is made of low quality plastic as your toddler will definitely put the gadget in his/her mouth.

That is why please refrain from buying low quality ones.


Remember these gadgets, if have sharp edges can hurt your child. Hence good quality ones do not have this problem.

 So, there are many branded and unbranded one available in market. Branded ones are costly. but they are better in terms of above points.

Toy phones for babies – the musical phone toy

When buying toy phones, you can also consider the age of the child. A toy mobile phone for baby may be a bit different from a toy phone for a grown up child.

check out this musical phone toy.

The cool thing about this phone is easy to grip which is easy for child to hold.


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