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toys for 6 year old

Toys for 6 year old

Toys for 6 year old little girl. Your little angel is  6 year now. You would have noticed that she has better command over the language now. Her language skills are increasing.  

She has also started trying to read that colourful story books. This is also helping her to increase her word power. She has started liking picture books more and more.

She has started learning to count. Understands the concepts of number. As she grows further she will also understand the concept of even and odd numbers. How to do small additions or subtractions etc.

Her emotional and social development need has also changed. She likes to go out and forces you for this. She likes riding a tricycle. She likes making new friends, talking to other kids. She will share her toys, but will get angry if some one touches her favorite doll. Well her emotions are getting more defined. She loves drawing and coloring and would love if you appreciate her for that.

Why is I am trying to point all this out? As a mother you would have already noticed this and are aware of this. The point I am trying to make is that we as parents should get her the toys which helps her with these developments. I have tried to list down few of them. So let us look at some Toys for 6 year old.

Toys for 6 year old kids

So here is my list for toys which are must for your 6 year old little angel and little hero.


These comes first in my list. Puzzle toys can help your angel develop her logical reasoning. They can also help her increasing her memory and may be also mathematical skills.

Toys for 6 year old kids
Puzzle Clock

Educational toys for 6 year old girls

Second in my list are these toys which can be used for educational purposes. Hence all these toys have some educational capabilities. They are designed to encourage reasonable development.

Skola Toys Word Wheel – Reading and Vocabulary Building

Toys for 6 year old

Mixcart English Learning & Educational 20 Activity Notebook

Toys for 6 year old

For different age groups there are different educational toys. Though they are important in all age groups their need and important increases in the age group of 6 to 9 years. There can be simple building blocks for pre-schoolers and a complex Lego toys for primary schooler(s). Then there are new age digital toys like kids laptop/tab.

Story telling toys/soft toys/books

Talking toys are not new. They has been there for long and one of the best ways to engage your little angel. These toys tell stories or ask questions so that the kid uses his/her imagination to become a story teller. There are soft toys and regular toys available in the market.

Apart from toys there are talking books. That is the book which read the child stories. It is an interesting way to improve your child reading interests.

Role play/Team play toys for 6 years old

Kids a this age like playing with friends. Role play like being doctor or cook helps improving imagination and when played in team increases social integration. This is very important for kids as these are the time when kids start becoming more social. Have a look at below.

Outdoor toys for 6 year old boys

provide you kids with skates, baby scooters etc .. this is the right time for kids to start learning these. Try to push your kid in some sort of sports from this age. Give them football or hockey bat and play with them.

Check this out.

Musical toys for 6 year old girls

This is the perfect age to introduce your little angel towards serious music/dance. Try this out!

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