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Toy buying guide – buying a new toy which helps development

We all know that why kids need toy and how it helps in their development – physical development as well as mental development. So we today bring you a small toy buying guide which will make you think in this direction.

So, in today’s post let’s try to look at various points which you should consider and ask yourselves these questions while buying a new toy for your kid.

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Toy buying guide – look for below

So below are some points which I feel you should consider before buying a new toy for the child. Toy buying is a serious activity for us parents. Believe me!

Encourages Creativity

First on the list. Is the toy you are going to get for your kid, going to push your child to push his/her imagination further and encourages him/her to be more creative?

Interactive or just passive

Second on the list is interactivity. Does the toy allows your child to be interactive? Interactive toys are very good for kids learning as it allows kids to engage with the toys. For example a battery operated car. You switch it on and it starts moving. You kid sits and watches it passively. Is it helping him/her? Think! But of course we will cover another post on battery operated toys. They are an important topic to be discussed.

Safety Standards

Third on our list is safety standards which we generally miss out. Does the toy manufactures adheres to the toy standards laid down by local bodies. There are regulations from individual countries which needs to be adhered to if the toy is being sold in the country. Same is true for India as well. However since most of the toy manufacturing at this moment is unorganized and safety standards are ignored.  Hence it is important that we look into aspect while checking for toys for kids.

Falls into the age group

Fourth point on this list is age group fitment. This is again one point which many parent tend to ignore. We as a parent tend to think ahead of age group.  For example while buying clothes, many parent  buy a size higher because kids grow fast. But we have to remember toys are not clothes. Every age group has a different learning need and toy you give to your child should augment this learning need.

Quality and Durability

Fifth point on the list is quality and durability. Is the toy good in quality. Is the plastic used is good? Is the metal rusted? Will it break if my kid is going to throw it? Jump on it? etc. many questions and you need to ask them. Is it going to last long? What is the point if the toy breaks down in couple of days!


Another important point. Did you kid already has a similar toy? If yes then the new toy is not going to add any value. Give him/her variety.

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Two point come out very prominently. First, the toy should add value to your little ones learning. And second it should be safe.

What do you say? Hope you liked my post!

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