Toy Phones – What to check before buying – Best toy phones!

Though I do not suggest giving kids smartphone, but kids smartphones are different. Rather than being a phone, they are actually more of a learnning and music gadget. So let us look at toy phones and what to check before buying these kids toy phone. Toy mobile phone with touch screen Toy mobile phone are … Read more

Top 5 computer games – Best PS4 Games

Best PS4 Games

Hey everyone and welcome back to natkhatduniya. Todays post is for grown ups. Today we talk about Top 5 computer games – Best PS4 Games Gaming has become a hot topic nowdays. Web series, movies, novels and games are probably the best options to cool off after a work-from-home or a day of online classes. … Read more

5 Best Wooden Toys – Simple and Effective

My child has always loved toys with a wooden texture and bright colors. wooden toys have been and around for thousands of years, they were in fact some of the earliest toys. Let us look at 5 Best Wooden Toys which you can get for your child and I am sure that he/she is going … Read more

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Color Splash Science Lab Playset – Nice gift for 4+ year olds

You were looking to gift you 4+ year old boy an exiting gift ? Hot Wheel toy sets are always a good option. Have a look at Hot Wheels Color Shifters Color Splash Science Lab Playset – Nice gift for 4+ year olds! Why Hot Wheel Color Shifter Toys? Who does not know about hot … Read more

Zoomer Dino – The fun loving dinosaur!

Looking for a dino which your kid can tame 🙂 Check out the Zoomer Dino – The fun loving dinosaur! This is one of the coolest toys we have seen in recent times. It is actually very funny and brings in lot of curiosity and excitement in kids. Our Kids Fashion Store at Amazon! All … Read more

Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids

Today we live in digital era, the modern age where everything is connected and everything is smart .. be it smart homes, smart cars , smart phones, etc .. Then why not smart toys? Friends welcome to our post “Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids” Is your kid spending too much time … Read more

Top 5 kids watches from Casio – review

Kids has always been fascinated with watches and clocks. Though they start learning time only when they are 7 to 8 years old, I remember my kid asking for a watch as early as when he was 6 years old. Today we review top 5 kids watches from casio. Generally we always think that kids … Read more

Play it together – Give your kid a walkie talkie – buying guide

Have you ever used a walkie talkie? If not you would have obviously seen it at many places. Walkie-Talkie is a two way radio which can be a great addition to the gadgets your child holds. Ofcourse it comes in set so you have 2 of them which is used by 2 persons to talk … Read more