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Zoomer Dino – The fun loving dinosaur!

Looking for a dino which your kid can tame 🙂 Check out the Zoomer Dino – The fun loving dinosaur! This is one of the coolest toys we have seen in recent times. It is actually very funny and brings in lot of curiosity and excitement in kids.

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All kids love these prehistoric creatures. There are many toys available on the pre-historic theme, but this one is really unique. Boomer-Zoomer dino is just amazing.

Zoomer Dino - The fun loving dinosaur.

Zoomer Dino – The fun loving dinosaur. It behaves like a real pet!

It follows you, gets angry with you. Dances on your instructions etc.. just pure fun. Just pull its tail and see how angry he gets.

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What’s more. This dino also has a mood indicating eyes. If he is angry, eyes turn red and when happy turns blue.

How does Zoomer Dino works?

Boomer uses some “true balance technology” to balance itself while moving around the house.

It’s a electronic gadget and needs battery or charge.

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A nice gift for 5+ year old, though on higher side of price.

do check it out in case you want to buy!


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