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steam powered toy boat - science toys for kids

Steam Powered Toy Boat – Science Toys

Friends are you looking for some fun toys for your grown up child which are fun as well as educational. Welcome to our post Steam Powered Toy Boat – Science toys !

Steam Powered Toy Boat – best science toys for kids – simple yet fun

Steam powered boats – we have seen them a lot in movies and may be in real life as well. Steam powered toy boats work on a very simple principle of generating power and making the ship move using the steam power and how do you explain this simple principle to the child? Steam powered toy boat can be a best learning tool for this.

How does the Steam Powered Toy Boat works?

Such toy boats are typically a very simple steam powered engine. And how are they powered. Mostly by candles and may be some of them are also powered by oil burners.

Steam Powered Toy Boat - Science Toys

The boats main components are boiler and exhaust tubes. Exhaust tubes may be one or two depending upon the design and when you light the candle or oil burner. So it works on a very simple principle. The boiler produces the steam which passes through the exhaust pipe which exerts the pressure for the forward movement.

A good quality toy is made up of tin or a good quality plastic and hence make sure that you get the one which is there to last. Since you put this in water a bad quality material will not last longer.

What all it is called as?

Today it is sold in market with many names. It is available from Rs99 and upwards and can be bought from offline or online stores. These are generally called as

  • Put Put Boat
  • Puf Puf Boat
  • Phut Phut Boat
  • Pop Pop Boat
  • Khatter boat
  • etc

By it here

We hope you will like these toys. They are a good learning toys for kids!



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