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Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids

Today we live in digital era, the modern age where everything is connected and everything is smart .. be it smart homes, smart cars , smart phones, etc .. Then why not smart toys? Friends welcome to our post “Taco Playbits – New Age Toys for Smart Kids”

Is your kid spending too much time on screen? Be it laptop or a tablet or a mobile phone? Whatever it may be this is a truth in today’s time that kids are getting addicted to these smart devices and the screen time they get everyday is too much.

As a parent you might also be facing similar challenge and there is a company which is trying to address this challenge. The company known as Robotix learning solutions and this toy is made by them. Though they have many other toys, let us talk about Taco Playbits.

So What are Taco Playbits?

Taco Playbits are smart connected toys which helps kids build todays skills like numbers, coding skills etc, And all these are hands on. As per Robotix:

Taco Playbits is an interactive Screen Free STEM toy for kids ages 3 +. Simply tap on the coding Chips with the Smart Wand to begin your child’s journey of self-learning. Learn ABC’s, Music, Math, Coding, Memory & Logic games & much more.

It is comprised of screen-free ‘Wand’ and ‘tags’ that utilize patented technology to inspire kids to have fun through imaginative play. Kids simply touch the tags with the Wand to play music, solve number games, learn languages etc ..

Today we are writing about Taco Playbits because we find this to be a unique toy which is designed to impart 21st century skills with out any screen time and that makes this unique. Also it is designed keeping all in mind ie Parents , teachers and students. it is a self learning STEM toy.

There are few vedios available on youtube which describes this toy quite a bit and we are highlighting two videos below.

There is another vedio which might help further.

Where to buy?

Taco playbits are available directly on robotix website. you can follow below link to get one for you.


You will get a box with below contents:

  • One Wand (R|G|B), with inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • Organizer Trays – 2
  • 40 coding chips
  • Games – Learn to Code, Taco Says, Find|Mix Colours, Discover Shape, Follow Me & Find the Secret Code, Yes or No.
  • Activity Sheets

What learning opportunities this box provides?

  • Createful Art : Find Color | Mix Color | Discover Shapes
  • Brain Training : Play Memory & Logical thinking Games
  • Computational thinking skills : Play Learn to Code Games
  • Focus on mastering : Problem Solving |Critical thinking |Stem Skills
  • Creative coding : Sequential | Step by Step | Decision making
  • Smart Math : Counting | Addition & Subtraction
  • Boost confidence in Math : Before, After & In between | Mental Math
  • Yes or No Game : Number sense | Greater than & Less than
  • Yes or No Game : General knowledge quiz & Trivia

Friends, hope you will like this unique toy.

Have you used one already? Please do feedback your comments!



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  1. Children love to play with toy specially wooden toy , Because wooden toys are Eco-Friendly
    Thanks for the post and your value able posting time thanks

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