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Wooden Rocking Horse, the best toy for 1 year old

Rocking horses are one of the must have toys for 1 year olds. It is a classic child hold toy. Today lets talk about Wooden rocking horse, the best toy for 1 year old.

Why a wooden toy though?

If you still remember our child hood, most of us did had this wooden toy. Today though we have such toys made up of high quality plastics, but wooden toys have their own charm.

And remember wooden toys are more safe , ie. chemical free, and environment friendly.

Why should you get a rocking toy for your child? Well rocking horse is a fun toy for the child, but it is also a lot scientific.

  • it increases sense of curiosity in child
  • it increases sense of creativity in child
  • Helps develop gross motor skills
  • Helps develop sensory skills

Best Wooden Rocking Horse Toys

Below we list down 5 best ones which you can think of for your child.

Shumee Wooden Rocking Horse Hape Wooden Rock and Ride Rocking Horse Sihi Creation Handcrafted Wooden Attractive Rocking Horse Emob 2 in 1 Wooden Baby Rocker Elephant Assembly Rocking/Ride On Toy with Wheels Baybee Unicorn Horse Wooden Plush Rocking Horse with Realistic Sounds
Primary Material : wood Primary Material : wood Primary Material : wood Primary Material : wood Primary Material : wood
Features: backrest seat, footrest, rubber sliders on all 4 edges, handle bar to hold onFeatures: Non toxic, child safe, assembly required, but easy to assemble, missing hand rest thoughFeatures: Can take more weight, up to 25 kgs, bright colors, missing handle bars.Features: Smooth corners. Eco friendly material, non toxic paintsFeatures: A proper horse toy made up of soft cloth and remaining parts as wood.
Buy it hereBuy it hereBuy it hereBuy it hereBuy it here

Do let us know if you have one of these toys and your comments.

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