Traditional Indian Rattle Toys

Wooden toys has always been part of our toy history. Rattles are one of the most favourite toy as a new born. They get attracted to it immediately. Hence it is obvious that rattles were always part of our toy history.

Today, in modern days toys are made of high grade plastic. But in olden days these toys were made up of wood and natural colors. There are still few pockets in India where these toys are still made.

There are many types of rattles available and you can check that out on various websites. Some examples are –

  1. Bell Rattles
  2. Damroo Rattles (or just the Damroo)
  3. Dug Dugi
  4. Rumba Rattles
  5. Handle rattle etc ..


There are few wodden toy companies are doing some good job in keeping these toys alive.  For example funwood toys ..

Do check these out on amazon and other eCommerce sites.


Do check these out!!

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